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1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
1971 Cockney Cab 1971 Hot Wheels Cockneycab
1970 Paddy Wagon /

Copper Stopper

1970 Hot Wheels Paddywagon
1970 Sand Crab / Dune Daddy 1970 Hot Wheels Sandcrab
1970 The Demon / Prowler 1970 Hot Wheels Thedemon

Howard Rees went to the Art Center College of Design, in Los Angeles, where he earned his Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree in 1964.

Later he accepted a position with Ford Motor Company in England. After leaving England he continued to work with Ford in Detroit, designing the ever popular Mustang line. Cold, long, Michigan winters drove him back to California and to The Mattel Toy Company where he designed many of the red line era Hot Wheels cars. Later he worked on the Major Matt Mason action figure toy line-up. When he stopped designing Hot Wheels, his good friend Larry Wood, who he had worked with at Ford, took over his job.

In 1975 he chose to focus totally on his love of painting, and since that time has developed his career as a full time artist. Today he paints with equal proficiency in both watercolor and oil, and loves the unique challenges each medium presents. His subject matter extends to Americana, local Gold Country scenes, intimate European street studies and magnificent vistas.

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