Jack Hammer
Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Larry Wood
Number G8105


The Jack Hammer is Deezel "Porkchop" Rigg's first car. This car is powered by a 500 hp stroked big block 502 ci fuel injected V8 engine with headers with a seven speed transmission and a four link solid rear axle.The engine has a special piping cooling system with most the system above the hood eliminating the need for a radiator. The car's downforce is made by a under the car vacuum. The Jack Hammer has a carbon fiber body on steel chassis. The car has 17" front wheels and 20" rear wheels with pushrod suspension and carbon fiber brakes.

This car is playable in Hot Wheels: Beat That! Also, it is the slowest car in that game.


The Jack Hammer has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #9 Gold Black and Red flames Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome CM6 G8105 Malaysia Jack Hammer GldR
2006 AcceleRacers Realm Series Blue Blue and White waves Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome CM6 K3286 Malaysia Playable vehicle in Hot Wheels: Beat That! Jackilis Lavaski
2006 Ultimate Track 3-Pack Purple Silver, Red, White, Black "77" "WSCOTTS" on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome CM6 J3558 Malaysia Jack Hammer PrplR
2008 Mardi Gras Cars Gold Chrome Red and Green flames on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Black PR5 N1108 Malaysia JackHammerMardigrasLoose
2009 Backbone Slide Trackset Green Black, Blue & White dinosaur skeleton on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Metal PR5 N4722 Malaysia Also in 10-Packs
Base code(s):
2010 Demolition Derby 5-Pack Green Black, Orange and White tampos; #14, HW Logo on Side Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Silver Red 5SP R0971 Thailand Base Code(s): Jack Hammer 2010 DD
2012 Demolition Derby 5-Pack Black "01" Blue, Gray, Red & White, HW Logo on Side Unpainted / Metal Red Tint Gold chrome Blue Chrome 5SP W4255 Thailand Base Code(s): 2012 Jack Hammer 5 pack
2013 Attack Pack 5-Pack Blue Black and Orange Stripes, Hotwheels and # 68 on sides, White chequered pattern Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Red Rear: Grey 5SP

Front: Copper Chrome 5SP

G8105 Thailand Base Code(s): Jackhammer
2014 Demolition Derby 5-Pack Red Yellow, Black & White stripes, Blue checkerboard, White stars, Blue & White '533' Matte Black / Metal Clear Blue Black Yellow 5SP BFB40 Thailand Base Code(s): Jackhammer 5pack2014
2014 High-Speed Wheels Track Stars 17/25 Gray Blue Flames, Black/White Checkered Flag, #31 Metalflake Gray Base / Metal Yellow-Tinted Dark Chrome Blue HSRW on front, Clear HSRW on back. BDW40 Thailand Base Code(s): G30 Jack Hammer - 14 HSW Track Stars 600pxDM
2016 Stunt Circuit 5-Pack White Blue, Red, Black & Silver deco, flames & '66' on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Black Red Chrome 5SP (Rear) & Black 5SP (Front) DJD25 Malaysia Base Code(s): J26 JackHammerDJD25
2018 Holiday Hot Rods
Green White & Gold Flames, Snowman and 'Winter 2018' Dark Red / Metal Tinted (Red) Chrome White / Chrome Red OH5 FKV10 Indonesia Base code(s): L27 HW JACK HAMMER FKV10 1 C


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