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cops jaded.jpg|Jaded - Cop Rods
cops jaded.jpg|Jaded - Cop Rods
Jaded thunt.JPG|Jaded - T-Hunt
Jaded thunt.JPG|Jaded - T-Hunt
Jaded - First Ed 34 - 02 Cx.jpg|Jaded - First Ed 34 - 02 Cx
Jaded - Performance 2 - 11 Cx.jpg|Jaded - Performance 2 - 11 Cx

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Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2002 - Present
Designer Mike Nuttall
Number 52911
Jaded Mike Nuttall

Jaded is a Hot Wheels original design that debuted in the 2002 Hot Wheels line. Designed by Mike Nuttall, Jaded was inspired by Kaiser-Frazer's low-cost "Henry J" 2-door sedan of the early 1950s, which has since become an American classic and the basis for many street-rods and dragsters.


Jaded has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
22 2002 First Editions
Purple Red and Black Jaded tampos Grey / Plastic Purple Chrome 5SP 52911 Malaysia FE Jaded
175 2003 Roll Patrol
Black White, Blue and Dark Red "Hot Wheela Police" deco. Grey / Plastic Chrome Chrome 5SP 57165 China Jaded rollpatrol
2003 Radical Roadway Track Set White Green tampos Grey / Plastic Tinted Green 5SP CHina Jaded white sleepercivic
5pk 2003 Tiki Blasters Red Tiki tampos Gold / Plastic Yellow Gold Red 5SP 57048 China Jaded tiki sleepercivic
150 2004 Demonition
Black Bat tampos Chrome / Plastic Blue Chrome 5SP China Jaded OH
2005 Kane Vs. Undertaker Entertainment Set Black Kane tampos Chrome / Plastic Red Chrome Red 5SP Malaysia Also a Toys R Us WWE Single Jaded kane sleepercivic
2006 Egg-Clusives Black Chicken tampos Chrome / Plastic Orange Chrome Yellow 5SP Malaysia Wal-Mart Exclusive Jaded black sleepercivic
2006 Easter Eggs-tream 5-Pack Pink Chicken tampos Chrome / Plastic Yellow Chrome Yellow 5SP Malaysia Target Exclusive Jaded pink sleepercivic
128 2007 Treasure Hunt
Blue Purple and Green Flame tampos Chrome / Plastic Green Chrome 5SP K7619 Malaysia JadedThRF
128 2007 Super Treasure Hunt
Spectraflame Blue Purple and Green Flame tampos Chrome / Plastic Green Chrome 5SP


K7619S Malaysia Jaded 07THsuper
158 2008 Team: Drag Racing
Flat Olive Green White, Light Green, and Black flame tampos Grey / Plastic Yellow Chrome 5SP M6864 Malaysia Has Silver plastic spoiler in back Jaded - 5588df
158 2008 Team: Drag Racing
Flat Olive Green White and Light Green flame tampos, has Silver plastic spoiler in back Grey / Plastic Yellow Chrome 5SP M6864 Malaysia Chrome Spoiler (common) Jaded grn
2008 Monster Duo - Captain's Curse Red Fusion Graphics from the Captain's Curse Monster Truck. Grey / Plastic Tinted Chrome 5SP P0183 Thailand Jaded captain sleepercivic
3/26 2009 Cop Rods Metalflake Pearl White Black, Gold, and White tampos on sides, roof, and trunk, w/ Black and Gold "Police Normal" on rear quarters, White "Police" on trunk, and "Normal Police" badges on doors, and roof Black Smoked Black 5SP N8995 Thailand N8995 c 09 002
11/26 2009 Fire Rods Metalflake Burgandy Gold and White tampo stripes on sides and roof, w/ Black and Gold "Paramedic" on rear quarters, "Ludlow Fire Dept." badges on doors, and roof Chrome / Plastic Clear Chrome 5SP N9029 Thailand Fire jaded sleepercivic
20/26 2009 Military Rods Satin Black Yellow and Red flames, "US Army" logos Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint Chrome "Hot Wheels" 5SP N9819 Thailand Jaded MilitaryRods
232 2010 Mystery Cars
Orange Multi-colored scallop design, racing deco, "Nuttall Racing" Dark Blue-Grey / Plastic Purple tint Chrome 5SP R7485 Malaysia Jaded 10mystery
132 2011 HW Performance
Satin White Black, yellow & red tampos, "Auto Meter" on doors, Hot Wheels logo Chrome / Plastic Yellow Gray OH5 T9839 Malaysia Base Codes: D11 2011HWPerformanceJaded
200 2012 Thrill Racers City Stunt
Metalflake Purple Black, White & Orange tampos, "Stunt Team" on doors, "01" on top Grey / Plastic Yellow Grey Orange Chrome 5SP V5504 Malaysia Base Codes: D22, D42 Jaded (800x600)
200 2012 Mystery Models Yellow Black, White & Orange tampos, "Stunt Team" on doors, "01" on top Grey / Plastic Purple Grey Purple Chrome 5SP V5504 Malaysia Jaded yellow
2013 Copper "STUNT Team" left and right sides, 01 on top, Black & Purple checkers on rear fenders



Yellow tint Grey Chrome OH5 Malaysia Base Codes: F03 JADED COPPER
6/6 2013 Superman Dark  Blue Red bleeding Superman shield, "Hot Wheels", Gold stripe on sides, regular Red and Yellow Superman shield on trunk Gold Chrome Yellow tint Grey Red Chrome 5SP Y2156 Malaysia Base Codes: F07 Jaded superman series kroger 2013
2015 HWs Advent Calendar Advent calendar 2015 Yellow Purple and Pink Twirly Flames Purple Tinted (Purple) Chrome Green 5SP Malaysia Jaded
11/12 2016 Mystery Models Dark Red Orange Twirly Flames Grey Tinted Chrome 5SP Malaysia Base Codes:  Jaded 2016 24
2016 Multipacks Exclusive Yellow Purple and Pink Twirly Flames Blue Tinted (Blue) Chrome Green 5SP Malaysia Base Codes:  Image Not Available
2017 Spider-Man Homecoming Military Green Scorpion & Image Unpainted Metal Tinted (Yellow) Yellow Chrome Green   5SP DWD21 Thailand Base Code(s): K16  DWD21 L
6/7 2018 Avengers Light Purple Hulk on side Chrome / Plastic Tinted (Green) Green Chrome Green  5SP Thailand Base Code(s):  AvengersSeries2018Jaded


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