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Jaguar XK8
Debut Series First Editions
Produced 1998 - 2009
Designer Mark Jones
Number 18221
Jaguar XK8 Grn.JPG


The Jaguar XK8 is the V8-engined variant of the Jaguar XKR coupe, both models were the successor to the Jaguar XJS, which was discontinued in 1996. The XK8 was Jaguar's First V8-engined car, a step down in cylinder count from the previous V12 engine used in the XJ-S. The XK8 was also styled based off the styling of the E-Type or XK-E Jaguar of the 1960s and 1970s. The Hot Wheels casting replicates the Convertible XK8 model in Left-Hand drive.


The Jaguar XK8 has come out in the following versions (These are only some or most of the versions):

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
639 1998 First Editions
Metallic Green Black, White "JAGUAR" Grey Plastic Clear Black LW 18221 Malaysia Also released in Racing Series I 8-pack Jaguar XK8 Grn.JPG
639 1998 First Editions
Metallic Green Black, White "JAGUAR" Grey Plastic Clear White LW 18221 Malaysia Image Not Available.jpg
970 1999 Sugar Rush II
Red Yellow, Black, White "100 GRAND" Black Plastic Grey Tint Tan Gold LW 21318 Malaysia Jaguar XK8 Red.JPG
2000 Mainline Silver Blue, Black , White "XK8" Black Plastic Black Tint Blue 5DOT 27131 Malaysia Jaguar XK8 Silv.JPG
2000 Bonus Car Metallic Dark Red White & Gold pinstripes, Mystery Car Logo Black Plastic Clear Gold GLW Malaysia Mail-in bonus, only in baggie Jaguar XK8 Bon.JPG
2001 Mainline Metalflake Red Black, blue & white tampos Black Clear Tan PR5 53704 China Jaguar XK8 2001 161.jpg
5pk 2003 B-Day Gif 5-Pack Green Black, silver, red tampos, "Hot Wheels Birthday", "3" Black Black PR5 57018 Thailand Jaguar XK8 CIMG1889.JPG
- 2004 Whips: Team Baurtwell New School Metalflake Green Black Clear White 6SPBLING C2657 China Image Not Available.jpg
2004 Spy Hunter 2 Entertainment 2-Pack Black & Silver Blue, White flames "Spy Hunter 2" Hot Wheels Logo Grey Plastic Smoke tint Black PR5 Malaysia Jaguar XK8 Spy Hunter 2 2-pack.jpg
2006 Spy Force
Metalflake Dark Green Purple, Red & White tampos. Samurai on side, crossing sword blade over white circle on hood. Gray Red Tint Black PR5 J3403 Malaysia Jaguar XK8 - 06 Spy Force.jpg
- 2008 Gift Cars: Happy Birthday Metalflake Black Gold & silver pinstripes Gray Clear Tan CGPR5 Malaysia JaguarBirthdayCarsLoose.jpg
- 2009 Summer Racin' Metalflake Burgundy Yellow, Orange, & Dark Red graphics Gold Chrome Plastic Smoke Light Orange G10SP N8953 Malaysia Jaguarxk8.jpg

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