Jet Threat 3.0
Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2001 - Present
Designer Nathan Proch
Number 28761
Jet Threat 3.0

Jet Threat 3.0 made it's debut in 2001 as part of the 2001 First Edition Series . It is based off of Jet Threat and Jet Threat II . It's follow up casting, Jet Threat 4.0 , was made in 2007.


As it's name implies, Jet Threat 3.0 is based off of a Jet. In fact, Jet Threat 3.0 looks like an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet with wheels. Overall, it has a more jet plane-like appearance than Jet Threat and Jet Threat II.


The Jet Threat 3.0 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Types Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
034 2001 First Editions
Gray Red, Yellow, and Black tampos across top Gray Smoke Tint Chrome 5DOT 28761 Malaysia Jet Threat 3.0
034 2001 First Editions
Gray Red, Yellow, and Black tampos across top Unpainted Metal Smoke Tint Chrome 5DOT 28761 Malaysia Jet Threat 3.0
2001 Jetz CD-Rom Metallic
Yellow, Red, & White
Lightning Tampo On
Sides & Across Top,
'JETZ' & Caution Tampo
On Top, HW And
THQ Logo On Sides
Chrome LW 49061 Malaysia Packaged with the Hot Wheels JETZ CD-ROM game. Jet Threat 3.0 2001 24
089 2002 Spectraflame 2
Spectraflame blue Spectraflame II tampo on top, black highlights  ZAMAC Yellow tint Chrome LW  54347 Malaysia Jet Threat 3.0 blue spectraflame II series 2002
149 2002 Mainline 55034 Thailand Image Not Available
2002 Pavement Pounder Thailand
2002 Jet Port Black/Yellow Proch Electronics Yellow painted metal Yellow tinted Silver LW 47384 thailand Jet Threat 3.0-Jet Port Set 2002
5pk 2002 Air Circus Red Hot Wheels Air Circus 76 Unpainted metal Clear Silver LW 56632 Malaysia Jet Threat 3.0 5-Pack, Hot Wheels Air Circus2002
2003 Military Rods Blue/Yellow 55911 Thailand Blue Angels
K·B Toys Excl
Jet Threat3
5pk 2004 Zero-G
2005 Starter Set Jet Threat 3.0 Silver and red
5pk 2006 Aerial Attack Silver Black, Red tampos Black metal Red tint Chrome Chrome PR5 China Jetthreat3.grey
124 2008 Team: Jet Rides
Olive Green Red & Cream Tampos Unpainted metal Red tint Chrome Red 10SP Malaysia Jetthreat3
203 2011 Thrill Racers Volcano
Black Red and Orange flames Metallic Red / Metal Red tint Chrome Transparent Orange Wheel, Chrome OH5 T9910 Malaysia

Base Code(s):


JetThreat3 Volcano


2014 Star Wars White Silver, Yellow, Red, & Aqua deco across top, Rebel Alliance logo on top, 'Star Wars Rebels' on sides Black Metal Smoke Metallic Teal Chrome rim Black OH5 CJY10 Thailand Represents: Star Wars: Rebels

Base code(s):

IMG 1991 24
1/25 2014 High-Speed Wheels Track Stars Malaysia


Engine: F12 Vulcan Mars

Horsepower: 1455

Speed: 345 MPH(555 Km/H)

Acceleration 0-60mph: 7,2 seconds


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