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Copy of 22Krazy8s.jpg|krazy 9S was Playable in Hot Wheels World Race PS2
Copy of 22Krazy8s.jpg|krazy 9S was Playable in Hot Wheels World Race PS2
164057_4nnw4Cca4g5jAvxih4X7GK3vC.jpg|Velocity X by Manuel Rangel
164057_4nnw4Cca4g5jAvxih4X7GK3vC.jpg|Velocity X 3D Model

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Krazy 8s
Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2001 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 28748


The Krazy 8s has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
019 2001 First Editions
Metalflake Blue Black, Silver, Red, Yellow, Orange "KRAZY 8s RACING" Unpainted / Metal Grey tint Chrome PR5 28748 Malaysia Krazy 8s BluR
179 2001 Mainline Neon Green Red Grapics Unpainted / Metal Green  Chrome PR5 50052 Thailand Image Not Available
211 2001 Mainline Black Black, Red "Hot Wheels Krazy 8s" Black Yellow Gold Chrome PR5 53740 China 2001 Collector No. 211 - Krazy 8&#039;s (3)
5pk 2001 Fireball Fluorescent Yellow red/black flames on front fender, blue/red flames on rear side fender, red/black HW-Logo on rear wing Unpainted/ Metal N/A Chrome PR5 ? Thailand 100 9368
100 2002 Grave Rave
Metalflake Dark Red Red, Yellow, Black, and White tamps with Hot Wheels logo and "Grave Rave" on wing, Grave Rave logos on top of fenders Unpainted / Metal Grey tint Unpainted / Metal PR5 54455 China 2002Krazy8sGraveRave
2002 Starter Set Orange Yellow, orange ZAMAC Smoked Chrome Chrome 5SP ? Thailand Orange
22/35 2003 Hwy 35 World Race Beige Gold-Rim, Gray CM5 B0878 Thailand 2003hwy35krazy8s
2004 Track Aces
Red with gold engine Orange flames with Blue 8s Red Blue tint gold Red PR5 ? Malaysia DSCF7595
113 2006 Track Aces
? Malaysia 2006-Krazy 8s
2007 Egg-Clusives 4/12 Metalflake Teal Orange, Yellow, and White tampos with Orange and Yellow flames on top of fenders, Orange flames on wing Unpainted Metal Yellow Gold Chrome Gold 5SP L4702 Thailand Base code(s): Wal-Mart Krazy8
2008 Starter Set Metalflake Blue Orange, Yellow and White flames, Hot Wheels logo on wing Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Chrome OH5 ? Malaysia Base code(s): Krazy8s Starter Set
5pk 2010 Criss Cross Crash Orange None Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Chrome PR5 ? Thailand Base code(s): Krazy8s CrissCross
5pk 2014 Track Builder Black Orange & Yellow flame tampos Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Chrome PR5 BFB27 Thailand Base code(s): G12, G22 Krazy8sBFB27
2015 Tracksets Metalflake Blue Orange, Yellow and White flames On the fenders and wing, trackstars logo on the wing. Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Chrome PR5 ? Thailand Base code(s): E35 2015Krazy8sTrackset




  • Krazy 8s is a playable car in Hot Wheels: Velocity X. It is awarded upon completion of Challenge Mode.
  • Krazy 8s was featured in the film adaptation of World Race, driven by Kadeem. It is also seen in Acceleracers, but is pulled off the track in one of the realms by Racing Drones.
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