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=='''Similar Castings and Names'''==
=='''Similar Castings and Names'''==
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'''1988 Color Changers''' Sub Set
Lamborghini_Countach_ClrCtn.JPG|link=Color Changers|[[Color Changers|Lamborghini Countach (1988)]]
1stprize_revealer.jpg|link=Revealers|[[Revealers|Lamborghini Countach (1993)]]
[[File:Lamborghini_Countach_ClrCtn.JPG|left|200px|link=Color Changers]]
Lamborghini_Countach_Yel.JPG|link=Lamborghini Countach (1997)|[[Lamborghini Countach (1997)]]
[[Color Changers|Lamborghini Countach (1988)]]
'''1993 Revealers''' Sub Set
[[Revealers|Lamborghini Countach (1993)]]
'''1997 First Editions''' Same name and similar casting
[[File:Lamborghini_Countach_Yel.JPG|left|200px|link=Lamborghini Countach (1997)]]
[[Lamborghini Countach (1997)]]

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Lamborghini Countach
Debut Series Speed Fleet
Produced 1988-
Designer Larry Wood
Number 4384

Lamborghini Countach Description

Released in 1988 and based on the dreams of many from the '70's: the Lamborghini Countach. With it's beautiful futuristic lines and thrill of speed, this Italian-made car inspired many dreams and drools.

Early castings have the wing molded separately from the body. There must have been assembly or tool & die issues, because the wing was later integrated into the body, making it one piece. It was first issued with Ultra Hot Wheels and as part of the Speed Fleet series.


The Lamborghini Countach has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1988 Speed Fleet White White / Metal Black N/A UH 4384 Malaysia Cod60
60 1989 Hot Wheels White Red, Blue and Yellow "Lamborghini" logo on hood White / Metal Black N/A UH 4384 Malaysia Cod62
60 1989 Hot Wheels White Red & Blue "Countach" Sides White / Metal Black N/A UH 4384 Malaysia Cod61
60 1989 Hot Wheels White Red & Blue "Countach" sides White / Metal Black N/A UH gold 4384 Malaysia Lamborghini Countach HW
N/A 1989 Park 'n Plates Red Red / Metal Clear White UH 9222 Malaysia International Only Park n plate lamborghini
1993 25th Anniversary Gray Gray / Metal Clear Red UH 4384 Malaysia 5-pack Only Lamborghini Countach Grey
232 1993 1993 Hot Wheels Red White, Black "Countach" Red / Metal Black tint Black UH 4384 Malaysia Lamborghini Countach RedStrp
232 1994 Hot Wheels Red White, Black "Countach" Red / Metal Smoked tint Black UH Gold 4384 Malaysia Cod64
N/A 1995 Tony's Pizza Promotional Red Red / Metal Smoked tint Black UH 4384 Malaysia Baggie Only/Mail in Lamborghini Countach RedUH
429 1996 1996 Treasure Hunts Series Fluor. Orange Black trim details, Gold HW Logo on windshield Fluor. Orange / Plastic Clear Tan PC6 Malaysia 10 Trea$ure Hunt 1996 - Lamborghini Countach
232 1997 Hot Wheels White No tampos White metal Tinted Red 5DOT Malaysia Lamborghinicountach232
2011 The Hot Ones Orange Black and silver stripes, "Lamborghini" on doors Unpainted / Metal Orange Silver HO Thailand HotOnesCountach

Similar Castings and Names


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