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Lancia Stratos Group 5
Debut Series Hot Wheels Boulevard
Produced 2021 – Present
Designer Mark Jones
Number GRM01
GRM01 Lancia Stratos Group 5 Loose.jpg


The Lancia Stratos Turbo is a silhouette race car built to Group 5 regulations around 1975. These cars were designed by Nicola Materazzi; these cars were moderately successful but were unable to beat the Porsche 935s they raced against. Two were produced and the cars were retired in 1977.

The initial livery of the Stratos GP5 features the number "829"; this number was not worn on any of the actual cars (these cars bore the numbers 539 or 598), but may likely be a reference to the internal designation of the Stratos, Tipo 829.


The Lancia Stratos Group 5 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2021 Hot Wheels Boulevard
White Detailed headlamps/taillamps, Alitalia-style graphics, "LANCIA" on wing and sides, "829" on roof and sides, black hood slats White
Tinted (Smoke) Black Red C4SPRR GRM01 Thailand Base code(s): P09, P10, P12 GRM01 Lancia Stratos Group 5 Loose.jpg
2022 Car Culture: Team Transport
White Detailed headlamps/taillamps; '96' numbering, 'Lancia', 'Bell, and 'Brembo' logos on doors, 'Bilstein' logo on front-side corners, red roof/rear deck, red hood + sideskirt stripes White
Tinted (Smoke) Black Bronze RR6SPM HCR37 Thailand Base code(s): Image Not Available.jpg