The Larry Wood 50th Anniversary Series ("Larry Wood 50 Years of Design", or "Larry Wood 50") is the second mix of the 2019 Walmart-exclusive Premium Series. This commemorates Larry Wood's 50 years (1969-2019) at Hot Wheels. All cards have Base Code: M10 stamped on them and are made in Thailand.


Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/10 GBC27 Purple Passion Satin Black Gold tampo on sides. Pinstripes on hood and trunk. "Larry Wood 50 Series logo on rear Q-Panels Gold Plastic Tinted (Smoke) Beige Gold MC5 Date Code(s): Purple Passion. Larry Wood 50 Years (2019) Purple Passion. Larry Wood 50 Years (2019).Card
2/10 GBC21 Custom '53 Chevy Satin Lime Green and Lime Gold tampo on sides and roof Black Plastic Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome LW Date Code(s): '53 Chevy. Larry Wood 50. 2019 '53 Chevy. Larry Wood 50. 2019.Card.cropped
3/10 GBC26 Shelby Cobra Daytona Gloss White Blue racing stripes on hood and roof. "Carroll Shelby" and silhouette on sides. Series logo on rear Q-Panels Gray Plastic Tinted (Blue) Gray 5SP Date Code(s): M06, M11 Shelby Cobra Daytona. Larry Wood 50. 2019 GBC26 Shelby Cobra Daytona on Card
4/10 GBC28 '69 Ford Mustang Metallic Yellow Shinoda "Boss 302" line patterns on side and hood. Series logo on rear Q-Panels Black Plastic Tinted (Blue) Black 5SP Date Code(s): M06, M10 '69 Mustang. Larry Wood.Persp '69 Mustang. Larry Wood.Card
5/10 GBC29 Bone Shaker Frost Light Gold "Larry Wood 50" on doors. Unpainted Metal Gold 5SP Date Code(s): GCB20 Larry Wood Bone Shaker-3 Bone Shaker. Larry Wood50. Frost Gold. Card
6/10 GBC25 Wild Thing Metalflake Purple Yellow fade to orange flames on sides and hood. Series logo on hood Unpainted Metal Tinted (Blue) Chrome MC1 Date Code(s): M10 GBC25 Wild Thing Wild Thing. Larry Wood 50. 2019
7/10 GBC22 Pass'n Gasser Gloss Blue "Early Times Racing Team", "50", Edelbrock, Mooneyes, B/G, Goodyear decal tampos on sides. Larry Wood 50 Series Logo on trunk Gray Plastic Gray SK5 / 5SP Date Code(s): M10 Passn Gasser. Larry Wood. Front Perspective Pass'n Gasser. Larry Wood 50.Card. 2019
8/10 GBC23 '68 Dodge Dart Clearcoat Zamac WW/2 Bomber art scheme. Air Force Star (R/W/B) on doors and hood scoop, "Heavy Metal". Series Logo on rear Q-Panels Chrome Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Gold MC5 Date Code(s): Dodge Dart. Larry Wood 50. 2019 Dodge Dart. Larry Wood 50.Card. 2019
9/10 GBC24 Street Rodder Frost Dark Red Yellow and purple flames on sides and rear deck. Logo on rear deck ZAMAC Metal Gray OH5 Date Code(s): Street Rodder.2019 Larry Wood 50.Front Perspective Street Rodder.2019 Larry Wood 50.Card
10/10 GBC20 Rodger Dodger Metallic white Orange, Yellow & Green flames on hood & sides. "Rodger Dodger" on front fenders. Pinstripes on front of hood. "Larry Wood 50" Series logo on rear Q panels Gray Plastic Tinted (Lime) Chrome 5SP Date Code(s): Rodger Dodger. Larry Wood. 2019 Rodger Dodger. Larry Wood 50. 2019.Card
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