Boyd Coddington was an American hot rod designer and star of the television show American Hot Rod. He has designed hot rods and custom cars for several high profile clients including the CadZZila for Billy Gibbons, the front-man for rock & roll band ZZ Top. Boyd's signature style combined elements of the old-school hot rods with a modern elegant look. His designs won the prestigious America's Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) Award seven times. And many famous fabricators and designers got their start working for Boyd including Jesse James and Chip Foose. Boyd Coddington passed away in February 2008.

The following vehicles were included in the Legends: Custom Rods Boyd Coddington 4-Car Set (16609):

Casting Name Color Photo
Vern Luce Coupe Red 34 Hi-Boy Boyd Coddinton.jpg
Smoothster Yellow Customized '37 Ford (Smoothster).jpg
CadZZilla Dark Purple Cadzilla 1.64 scale left.JPG
CheZoom Aqua ChezoomBoyd4SetFront.jpg
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