Light Speeders were released in 2012. They came in a blister pack along with an ultra-violet light and a stencil. When you shine the light onto the car it would change color--or if you did it behind the stencil, it would change the color on the car directly affected by the light. The color change would eventually fade. Packaging came with a warning to keep vehicle out of direct sunlight.


The Following Castings were in the Light Speeders Series:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheels Notes Photo
W3848 Chicane Gray PR5 HNI 0004
W3849 Technetium Blue OH5 LightSpeedersTechnetium
W3850 Covelight Yellow Black OH5 w/ Blue Chrome rims W3850
W3851 Battle Spec Purple OH5 W3851
W3852 Subaru Impreza Aqua Blue 10SP W3852
W3853 Rivited Yellow PR5 2012LightspeedersRivited
W3854 RD-05 Orange PR5 W3854
W5438 Hiway Hauler Black/White PR5 W5438
W5439 '71 Dodge Challenger White Yellow 5SP 2012lightspeederschallenger
W5440 Humvee Light Green OR5SP W5440
W5441 Power Pistons Yellow PR5 W5441
W5442 Backdraft White 5SP Lightspeeder backdraft
W5443 Anthracite Light Blue OH5 W5443
W5444 Accelium White OH5 W5444
W5445 Power Rocket Yellow 5SP W5445
W5446 Invader Blue 5SP W5446
W5447 Back to the Future Time Machine Grey 10SP 2012lightspeedersdelorean
W5448 BMW M3 White Y5 W5448
W5449 '10 Ford Shelby GT-500 Super Snake White 10SP W5449
W5450 Bully Goat Yellow OH5 W5450
W5451 Super Rig Golden Yellow 5SP W5451
W5452 Muscle Tone Orange PR5 W5452
W5453 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Yellow Orange Chrome PR5 W5453
W5454 Audacious Yellow Black Y5 w/ Yellow rims W5454
W5923 Torque Twister White PR5 OH5 Variant shown in gallery W5923 PR5
W5924 '64 Pontiac GTO Teal MC5 '64 Pontiac GTO-2012.Light Speeders
W5925 '55 Chevy Panel White PR5 W5925
W5926 Volkswagen Drag Bus Yellow 5SP Volkswagen Drag Bus-2012 Light Speeders
W5927 Purple Passion Yellow 5SP W5927
W5928 Baja Breaker Light Green OR5SP W5928


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