Debut Series Mainline
Produced 1991 - Present
Designer Larry Wood
Number 5638
Limozeen Wht


The Limozeen has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
112 1991 Mainline White Orange and Pink "Classic Limo" Chrome Tinted White WW 5638 Malaysia Limozeen Wht
174 1992 Mainline Blue w/ Gold speckles No tampos Gold Chrome Clear Yellow WW 5638 Malaysia Limozeen BluGlt
225 1992 Mainline Black Glitter No tampos Chrome Clear Red WW 5638 Malaysia Limozeen BlkGlt
316 1995 Speed Gleamer
Metalflake Gold No tampos Chrome Tinted White WW 5638 Malaysia Limozeen GldWW
316 1995 Speed Gleamer
Metalflake Gold No tampos Chrome Tinted White 7SP 5638 Malaysia Limozeen Gld7sp
542 1997 Biff! Bamm! Boom!
Metalflake Blue Red, Pink and Silver "Blam" "Bang" Chrome Tinted White 5SP 5638 Malaysia Limozeen Blu
716 1998 Low 'N Cool
Metalflake Black Gold, Blue "Limozeen" Gold Chrome Tinted (Gray) White Gold LW 5638 Malaysia Limozeen Blk
5pk 1999 Show Biz Grey Yellow, Blue, Black and White stars and "Hollywierd" Chrome Tinted Blue LW 5638 Malaysia or Thailand Limozeen grey show biz 5 pack car 1999
165 2001 Turbo Taxi
Metallic Green Black, Gold, White "Taxi" Gold Chrome Tinted White gold SB 50089 Malaysia Limozeen green metallic 2001 Turbo Taxi Series
2002 HW Racing Red 'Sprint PCS45' Red Tinted White Black GYE10SP Thailand Limozeen NASCAR sprint 45
5pk 2002 Birthday Cake Red enamel Silver/Gold White/Orange flame design Chrome Tinted White LW China Limozeen red birthday cake 5-pack car 2002
5pk 2002 Birthday Cake Red enamel Happy Birthday Chrome Tinted White LW 54393 China LimozeenBday5pack
165 2003 Work Crewsers
Metalflake Blue White/Black "ISLAND TOURS" tampo on side and hood, White/Black Hot Wheels logo on the side, along w/ the face of a girl Dark Chrome Tinted Beige LW 57154 Malaysia Limozeen side
2003 Pavement Pounders Black White Hot Wheels logo and "V.I.P." on sides. Chrome Tinted Black LW 47037 China Limozeen 2003 Pavement Pounder 47037
2 / 26 2009 Military Rods Metalflake Silver Green, Black, and White tampos on sides and hood, Black "Armored Transport" on sides with logo and star sides and hood Chrome Tinted Green 5SP N9801 Thailand N9801 c 09 001
19 / 26 2009 Fire Rods Red Black flames with a Gold outline", "Joliet Fire Dept", "09". Gold Chrome Tinted Black Red Line, Gold Chrome 5SP N9037 Thailand Limozeen FireRods
2009 Cop Rods Pearl White

Black, Blue, Yellow, & Red tampos, Stripes & 'Chandler Police' are sides, Chandler police emblem on hood, '9003' on roof

Chrome Black 5SP N9003 Thailand Limozeen (Cop Rods)
N/A 2010 Clover Cars Metallic Gold Light Green, Dark Green, Black and White Flaming clover design and "St. Patrick's Day" Banner Dark Chrome green tint Black Gold Chrome 10SP R7912 Malaysia Limozeen 10Clover
5pk 2011 HW City Works Dark Blue Blue, Gold and Yellow "Hot Wheels City Mayor" Gold Chrome Tinted Gray Gold Chrome LW T8633 Thailand Limozeen City5

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