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This article is a list of Hot Wheels released in 1979.

  • All of the Vehicles were made in Hong Kong
  • All of the Vehicles have Basic/Black Wall wheels BW

New Castings

Car Name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Notes Photo
Auburn 852 Oldies But Goodies Red No tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Brown 2505 Dark Brown Plastic fenders Auburn 852 MrtRedBW.JPG
Bubble gunner 1979 Hot Wheels Magenta Yellow, Orange, White, stripes with stars Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Chrome 2511 Bubble Gunner Mag L.JPG
Bywayman Light Blue w/Black bed and roll bar White, Black and Yellow "Eagle" tampo Unpainted / Metal Gray tint Black 2509 Bywayman LtBlBW.JPG
Dumpin' A Oldies But Goodies Yellow w/Orange dumper &and Brown fenders Dark Green, Light Green, Magenta "A TRUCK'N" on sides unpainted metal N/A Brown 2507 Dumpin' A Yel.JPG
Greased Gremlin Speedway Specials Red Blue, White "AMC", Yellow "5" racing decals Yellow / Metal N/A Yellow and Black 2502 Greased Gremlin BW.JPG
Flat Out 442 Orange Blue, Red, White "442", racing decals Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 2506 Flat Out OrgR.JPG
Hare Splitter White Red, Purple & Black "3" racing decals "MONTE CARLO RALLY" unpainted metal Black tint Black 2504 Red Tire Rack Hare Splitter WhtRed.JPG
Inside Story Classy Customs Gray Blue, Red and Yellow tampos on sides Black / Plastic Blue tint Chrome 2510 Inside Story GryL.JPG
Royal Flash 1979 Hot Wheels White Red & Blue stripes & English Flag "LOTUS" on hood unpainted metal Blue tint Black 2501 Roya Flash Wht.JPG
Spacer Racer Red Yellow "M-8", White "Rescue" Black circuit board Chrome Plastic Chrome Yellow 2503 Spacer Racer Red.JPG
Upfront 924 Yellow Black, Red, Orange, stripes, Porsche Logo on hood Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black 2500 Upfront 924 Yel R.JPG
Vetty Funny Drag Strippers Gray Black, Red and Yellow stripes, "English Leather" and racing decals Unpainted / Metal Smoke Unpainted / Metal 2508 Pop-up body Vetty funny 1.JPG

Repaints and Base Changes

Car Name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Notes Photo
Large Charge 1979 Hot Wheels Orange Maroon, Purple, White "4" Unpainted Metal Blue tint Unpainted / Metal 8272 Large Charge Org.JPG
Monte Carlo Stocker Speedway Specials Dark Blue Yellow, White, Green, Racing decals, "38" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black 7660 Torinostocker.jpg
Torino Stocker Black White, Yellow, Orange, racing decals "3" Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Black 7647 Torino Stocker BlkBW.JPG
'56 Hi-Tail Hauler 1979 Hot Wheels Light Blue Yellow & Red flames on hood Chrome / Plastic Clear Yellow 9647 '56 Hi-Tail Hauler Blu.JPG
Fire Chaser Red Yellow, Black, and White "Fire Chief" and "5" Tampos Unpainted Metal Light Blue Black 2639 Fire Chief 1990.jpg
GMC Motorhome 1979 Hot Wheels Orange "Palm Beach" w/Blue, White and Yellow tampos Chrome / Plastic Blue tint White 9645 GMC Motorhome Org.JPG
Letter Getter 1979 Hot Wheels White, w/Blue and Red striping "US Mail" and postal logo tampos on sides Black / Plastic Blue tint Black 9643 Letter Getter - 3108ff.jpg
Corvette Stingray 1979 Hot Wheels Yellow Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Blue Tint 9241 Corvette Stingray Yelbw.JPG
Super Van Super Chromes Chrome Black, Red, Yellow, drag racer, "CALIFORNIA CRUISIN" Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Black 9205 Supervan chrome cali.JPG
Show Hoss II Light Green Black, Blue, White, "MUSTANG II" Unpainted / Metal N/A Unpainted / Metal 9646 Show Hoss II GrnL.JPG
T-Totaller Brown Orange, Blue, White, "YOUR BASIC EXPRESS TRUCKING COMPANY" Unpainted / Metal N/A Black 9648 T-Totaller BrnL.JPG

Golden Machines 6-Pack

Car Name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Notes Photo
Hot Bird Golden Machines 6-Pack Gold Chrome Blue Firebird on hood, Blue and Red stripes on roof Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Tan 2014 4844.JPG
Jaguar XJS Golden Machines 6-Pack Gold plated "XJS" and Yellow jaguar cat Unpainted / Metal Blue tinted Black Jag gold.JPG
Race Bait 308 Golden Machines 6-Pack Gold Plated 308 on hood Black / Plastic Blue Black Race bait gold.JPG
Spoiler Sport Golden Machines 6-Pack Gold Chrome Orange, Red and Black Sunset Design with "Spoiler Sport" in Black on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Blue tint 9641 Spoiler sport AGENTAIR 2.jpg
Corvette Stingray Golden Machines 6-Pack Gold Chrome Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Blue tint Corvette Stingray GldCrmbw.JPG
Z-Whiz Golden Machines 6-Pack Gold Chrome Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Blue tint Z-Whiz GldL.JPG

The Heroes

Original Casting Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Series Rename Photo
Poison Pinto Dark Blue Black, White and Orange "The Thing" Black / Plastic Blue tint Chrome 2882 The Thing Thething.jpg
Army Funny Car Black Yellow, Red "HUMAN TORCH" Unpainted / Metal none Unpainted / Metal 2881 Human Torch Humantorch.jpg
Spoiler Sport Yellow Black, White and Green "Hulk" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Clear Blue 2878 Incredible Hulk Incrediblehulk.jpg
Hot Bird White Red, Blue, Stars & Stripes "CAPTAIN AMERICA" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Red 2879 Captain America Captainamerica.jpg
Spider-Man Car Black Red and White "Spider-Man" Unpainted / Metal Red tint Unpainted 2877 Spider-Man Car Spidermancar.jpg
Super Van Yellow Red, Blue and Tan "The Mighty Thor" Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black 2880 Thor Thor.jpg

Scene Machines

Original Casting Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Series Rename Photo
GMC Motorhome White Black, Blue and Red tampos Red / Plastic Clear Blue 2851 Captain America Van Captainamericavan.jpg
Letter Getter White Green, Black and Red "Incredible Hulk" Black / Plastic Clear Black 2850 Incredible Hulk Truck Incrediblehulktruck.jpg
Inside Story White Black, Red and Blue "Spider Man" Blue / Plastic Clear Red 2852 Spider-Man Van Spiderman-van-thumbnail.jpg
Baja Breaker Red Yellow, White, Black, "MOTORCROSS TEAM" Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 2853 Motorcross Team
1979 motocross team 2853 red BW.jpg
Space Van Grey w/White Plastic Top no tampo Chrome Plastic Clear Chrome 2855 Space Van Space Van.JPG
Letter Getter Dark Blue White, "S.W.A.T." logo on sides Black / Plastic Yellow Brown 2854 S.W.A.T. Van
1980 SWAT van scene machine.jpg

Rescue Team

Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Notes Photo
Highway Patrol White 'Highway Patrol' on sides, '12' on sides & top Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Blue) Black 2019 Highway patrol 2.JPG

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