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|5 bars on safety rail
|5 bars on safety rail
|[[Ferrari Testarossa]]
|[[Ferrari Testarossa]]
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<!--Hot Wheels List goes here-->
==Hot Wheels by Year==
=='''Hot Wheels by Year'''==
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|bgcolor="lightblue" align="center"|'''Hot Wheels Lists'''
|''By Year'': <br> [[List of 1968 Hot Wheels|1968]] • [[List of 1969 Hot Wheels|1969]] • [[List of 1970 Hot Wheels|1970]] • [[List of 1971 Hot Wheels|1971]] • [[List of 1972 Hot Wheels|1972]] • [[List of 1973 Hot Wheels|1973]] • [[List of 1974 Hot Wheels|1974]] • [[List of 1975 Hot Wheels|1975]] • [[List of 1976 Hot Wheels|1976]] • [[List of 1977 Hot Wheels|1977]] • [[List of 1978 Hot Wheels|1978]] • [[List of 1979 Hot Wheels|1979]] • [[List of 1980 Hot Wheels|1980]] • [[List of 1981 Hot Wheels|1981]] • [[List of 1982 Hot Wheels|1982]] • [[List of 1983 Hot Wheels|1983]] • [[List of 1984 Hot Wheels|1984]] • [[List of 1985 Hot Wheels|1985]] • [[List of 1986 Hot Wheels|1986]] • [[List of 1987 Hot Wheels|1987]] • [[List of 1988 Hot Wheels|1988]] • [[List of 1989 Hot Wheels|1989]] • [[List of 1990 Hot Wheels|1990]] • [[List of 1991 Hot Wheels|1991]] • [[List of 1992 Hot Wheels|1992]] • [[List of 1993 Hot Wheels|1993]] • [[List of 1994 Hot Wheels|1994]] • [[List of 1995 Hot Wheels|1995]] • [[List of 1996 Hot Wheels|1996]] • [[List of 1997 Hot Wheels|1997]] • [[List of 1998 Hot Wheels|1998]] • [[List of 1999 Hot Wheels|1999]] • [[List of 2000 Hot Wheels|2000]] • [[List of 2001 Hot Wheels|2001]] • [[List of 2002 Hot Wheels|2002]] • [[List of 2003 Hot Wheels|2003]] • [[List of 2004 Hot Wheels|2004]] • [[List of 2005 Hot Wheels|2005]] • [[List of 2006 Hot Wheels|2006]] • [[List of 2007 Hot Wheels|2007]] • [[List of 2008 Hot Wheels|2008]] • [[List of 2009 Hot Wheels|2009]] • [[List of 2010 Hot Wheels|2010]] • [[List of 2011 Hot Wheels|2011]] • [[List of 2012 Hot Wheels|2012]] • [[List of 2013 Hot Wheels|2013]] • [[List of 2014 Hot Wheels|2014]] • [[List of 2015 Hot Wheels|2015]] • [[List of 2016 Hot Wheels|2016]] • [[List of 2017 Hot Wheels|2017]] • [[List of 2018 Hot Wheels|2018]] • [[List of 2019 Hot Wheels|2019]]
''By Collection'':<br>[[List of Hot Wheels by Collector Number |Collector Numbers 1 - 1121]] • [[List of Hot Wheels Classics|Hot Wheels Classics]]
[[Category:Lists of Hot Wheels by year|1987]]
[[Category:Lists of Hot Wheels by year|1987]]
[[Category:1987 Hot Wheels|1987]]
[[Category:1987 Hot Wheels|1987]]

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This article is a list of Hot Wheels released in 1987.

  • All Vehicles were made in Malaysia

New CastingsEdit

Car Name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
Assault Crawler Action Command Olive Green Green, Tan, Brown camouflage Olive / Plastic No windows Olive Green Tiny, hidden rollers 3338 Assault Crawler - 0039df
CAT Earth Mover Workhorses Yellow No tampos Yellow / Painted No windows Black CT Yellow 3715 Black plastic grille and exhaust stack CAT Earth Mover - 3189df
CAT Road Roller Workhorses Yellow Black & White "CB-614" Black / Plastic No Windows Black special large rollers 3853 5 bars on safety rail Road roller rare 5-bar version
Ferrari Testarossa Black no tampo Black Metal Clear Red & Black UH 1897 Ferrari Testarossa BlkUH
Ferrari Testarossa White no tampo White Metal Clear White & Red UH 1897 Ferrari Testarossa WhtUH
Ferrari Testarossa Turbo Trax Turbo Glo Set Red White glow-in-the-dark arrow Red Metal Clear Red UH 1897 only available in set Ferrari Testarrosa RedArw
Monster Vette Yellow Purple & Red flames on sides and hood Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black tint CTS 3716 Monster Vette yelCTS
Phantomachine Speed Demons Chrome w/Blue Chrome engine Red, Orange, Black Face & Chest plate Unpainted / Metal N/A N/A UH 3851 Phantomachine
Sharkruiser Speed Demons Light Purple No tampos Light Purple / Metal N/A Chrome UH 3286 Chrome engine & teeth Sharkruiser PrpUH
Suzuki Quadracer Yellow with Blue seat no tampo unpainted Metal N/A N/A CT Yellow 3209 Suzuki QuadracerCTY
Tail Gunner 5T Action Command Olive Green, Brown, Tan, camouflage Olive Metal Black tint none CT Black 4059 Rear Gun Turret can spin 360 Tail Gunner GrnCT
Zombot Gold Chrome w/Pink Chrome gun no tampo Unpainted / Metal NA NA UH 3852 Zombot GldUH


Car Name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
Road Torch Red '8' & Yellow, White & Black stripes on sides Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Yellow UH 1500 originally named AMX/2 Road Torch
Thunderburner Black 1456 originally named Thunderbird Stocker ThunderBurner BlkGW
Baja Bug White Red and Orange Flames - Blazin' Bug Unpainted / Metal no windows red BW 5907 Baja Bug WhtBW
Pontiac Fiero 2M4 Red Red, White and Blue stars and stripes Unpainted / Metal Clear Black GHO 7527 Fiero GHO
Pontiac Fiero 2M4 Red Red, White and Blue stars and stripes Unpainted / Metal Clear Black UH 7527 Fiero RedUH

Real RidersEdit

Car Name Toy # Notes Photo
Path Beater 2534

Hot Wheels by YearEdit

Yearly Lists of Basic Line and Other collections
By Year:


By Collection:
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