This article is a list of Hot Wheels released in 1992.

New Castings

Col # Car name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
136 '56 Flashsider Teal Blue and Yellow graphics Chrome / Plastic Black unseen UH 2029 '56 Flashsider - 6407df
146 Bulldozer Yellow no tampos Yellow / Plastic No Windows Yellow tiny rollers under static treads 3765 plastic blade is part of base Bulldozer
140 Flashfire Black Green, Pink, Yellow "TURBO" Black Plastic Yellow tint Red GHO 3156 Flashfire BlkSho
194 Goodyear Blimp Gray Black, "GOOD YEAR" Silver 1384 Blimp GY
142 Hiway Hauler Red Red, Blue, Yellow, "WACKY WAREHOUSE" "Kool-Aid" Chrome / Plastic Black unseen BW 3782 Hiway Hauler KlAid
188 Hummer Light Brown Orange, Brown, Black camouflage Black / Plastic Black Unseen CT 0773 Hummer ltBrnMet
144 Oshkosh Cement Mixer 1992 Hot Wheels White with Blue fenders and Red mixer No tampos Blue / Plastic N/A Blue BW 2074 Oshkosh Cement Mixer Wht
143 Recycling Truck Orange Pink, Blue, Yellow, "Recycler" Black Plastic Black Unseen BW 2073 Recycling Truck Orgbw
141 Shock Factor Black & Pink Blue, Red, Yellow "7" unpainted metal N/A Pink CT 3164 Shock Factor BlkPk
142 Tank Truck Red with Chrome plastic tank Orange & Blue "Unocal" "76" on tank Red Plastic Chrome unseen BW 2076 Tank Truck RedBW
145 Tractor Yellow w/Yellow Plastic Top No tampos Yellow / Plastic N/A Yellow Yellow Tractor Wheel Rear, Yellow CT Front 2075 Tractor YelYel


Col # Car name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
55 Road Roller 1992 Hot Wheels Yellow None Black / Plastic Black Black Roller 3853 Malaysia Named Road Roller Hot Wheels Road Roller 1992 - 07181df
72 School Bus Workhorses Yellow Black SCHOOL BUS Black / Plastic Clear Black BW 1795 Malaysia School Bus - 3030cf2
82 Fire-Eater Workhorses Bright Yellow-Green Black, Red, highlights Chrome / Plastic Black Tint Unseen 5SP 9640 Fire Eater RedBW
166 Vampyra Black Yellow, Green and Purple on wings Unpainted / Metal N/A Gold Chrome BW 0444 Malaysia Vampyra BlkBW
169 Sol-Aire CX-4 Blue Orange,Magenta,Pink ‘2’ Black/Plastic Smoked Tint Black UH 5902 Malaysia Sol-Aire CX4 - 92 HW
198 Path Beater Off Road Fluorescent Lime Orange, White and Blue "Ecology Recycle Center" Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Gray ORSB 2781 Has a Gray plow added to the front Image Not Available
203 Jaguar XJ220 Gold Medal Speed Metalflake Dark Blue No Tampo Black / Plastic Clear Gray GLW 13579 1st Year Image Not Available
239 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Workhorses Tan Brown, Black and Orange Camouflage Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan ORSB 4643 Mercedes Benz Unimog TanSBW

Gleam Team

Col # Car Name Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Photo
189 Gleamer Patrol Chrome Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Black) Tan BW Sheriff Patrol glmrLt
190 '57 T-Bird Gold Chrome Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Black) BW 57 T-Bird GldGT
191 Aeroflash Chrome Pink Unpainted / Metal Black None UH 1781 Aeroflash PnkUH
192 Corvette Stingray Gold Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Black) Black BW 1793 Corvette Stingray GrnGlmTm
193 Porsche 959 Pink Chrome Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Black) Black UH 1794 Porsche 959 GTPnk

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