This article is a list of Hot Wheels released in 1993.

New Castings

Col # Car name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
202 '93 Camaro Purple Red, Yellow "Camaro" on sides Black / Plastic Black tint Gray UH 3021 '93 Camaro Prp.JPG
208 Avus Quattro Met. Silver Silver and Black on roof Black / Plastic Clear Red UH 5250 Avus Quatro SilvUH.JPG
210 Dodge Viper RT/10 Red No Tampos Black Clear Black UH 5265 Viper RT10 - 30th Anni.JPG
203 Jaguar XJ220 Metallic Silver No Tampo Black / Plastic Clear Black UH 3026 Jaguar XJ220 - Silver.JPG
209 Lexus SC400 Metalflake Black no tampo Black / Plastic Clear White BW 5263 Lexus SC400 Blkbw.JPG
204 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Red, Yellow and Tan Whit & Red "Oscar Mayer" Logo Black / Metal Black tint unseen BW Black 3029 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile BBW.JPG
206 Pipe Jammer Yellow no tampo Black Metal N/A Chrome UH 3036 Pipe Jammer Yel.JPG
212 Silhouette II Met. Purple w/Chrome Engine no tampo Chrome Plastic Clear White UH 5267 Silouette II PrpUH.JPG
205 Treadator Red & Chrome no tampo Black / Plastic Chrome N/A Black track with tiny rollers 3035 Treadator Red.JPG
211 Twin Mill II Bright Yellow-Green no tampo Chrome / Plastic Black tint none UH 5266 Twin Mill II BrtYel.JPG


Col # Car name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
149 BMW 850i Blue Pink, Blue, Yellow, White, markings Blue Plastic Clear Tan HOC 5667 BMW 850 BluHO.JPG
149 BMW 850i Blue Pink, Blue, Yellow, White, markings Blue Plastic Clear Tan LIW 5667 BMW 850 BluGrn.JPG
197 Corvette Split Window Blue Yellow, Red and Purple graphics Chrome Plastic Clear Red WW 3092 Originally named Spit Window '63 Th 63corvette016.jpg
197 Gleamer Patrol Textured Chrome no tampo Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black BW 1691 Originally named Highway Patrol Sheriff Patrol glmrLt.JPG
200 Corvette Convertible White Black, Red, Yellow "CORVETTE" on hood and sides Black / Plastic clear Red UH 2898 Custom Corvette WhtUH.JPG
224 Zombot Blue Chrome.Pink Gun Unpainted / Metal UH 3852 224 Zombot 1993 .JPG
228 Zender Fact 4 Blue metallic Zender Fact 4 Black plastic Dark tinted Black UH 4407 Zender fact 4 blue metallic tinted glass UH wheels.JPG
232 Lamborghini Countach Red White, Black "Countach" Red / Metal Black tint Black UH 4384 Lamborghini Countach RedStrp.JPG

1993 Hot Wheels

Col # Car name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
214 Swingfire Metalflake Dark Blue Yellow & White deco on hood Unpainted / Metal Clear White White Wall BW 4312 Swingfire package front.png
215 Auburn 852 Red None Unpainted / Metal Clear Black White Wall BW 4314 Auburn 852 (2) package front.png
232 Lamborghini Countach White None White / Metal Tinted (Black) Red 5DOT 4384 Lamborghini Countach package front.png

Tattoo Machines

Main Casting Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Series Rename Photo
Baja Breaker Maroon with fading Yellow front Black, Yellow, Red, White mouth with fangs unpainted metal Clear Red BW 3490 Open Wide Baja Breaker OpenWide.jpg
Rapid Transit White Brown, Orange, Green covered in words Unpainted Metal Clear Unpainted Metal BW 3502 Bus Boys Rapid Transit WhtTat.JPG
Rapid Transit Yellow Brown, Orange, Green covered in words Unpainted Metal Clear Unpainted Metal BW 3502 Bus Boys Rapid Transit YelTat1.JPG
Porsche 959 Yellow & Light Green Red, Black , Blue Eyes unpainted metal Clear Grey BW 3493 Eye-Gor Porsche 959 Eyegor.JPG
Race Bait 308 Blue White, Red, Yellow, Hot Wheels Logos Black / Metal Grey tint Black BW 3494 "Hot Wheels" Hot Wheels Frri.JPG
BMW 323 Metallic Pink Black & White Skulls, Green & Black Snakes Black / Plastic Clear Tan BW 3492 Skull Rider BMW 323 - Tattoo Machines.jpg
Talbot Lago White Black and Red Spiders Unpainted / Metal Red tint Chrome WW 3479 Spiderider Talbot Lago Spdr.JPG
BMW M1 Met. Blue Purple, Blue and Red dogs Black / Metal Grey tint Black BW Street Dog BMW M1 Dog.JPG
Sting Rod Met. Silver Yellow, Black, Green, Red markings Black / Metal Met. Blue Black CTS Black 3527 Ammo Ammo.JPG
Science Friction Blue Blue, Pink, Light Green, lightning bolts Metal Chrome unseen BW Lightning Storm Lightning Storm L.JPG
Speed Blaster Green with fading Yellow rear Yellow, Green, Red, dragon Green / Plastic Chrome unseen BW Dragon Wagon Speed Blaster grnBW.JPG
Red Yellow, Black, White, skull, treasure map, sword Black / Plastic Chrome unseen BW Road Pirate Road Pirate.JPG
Monster Vette Yellow Black, Orange, White, tigers & stripes unpainted metal Grey tint Grey tint CTS 3716 "Street Beast" Monster Vette StrtBst R.JPG

Demolition Man

Toy # # in Series Series Name Casting Photo
10566 1/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Oldsmobile Aurora Oldsmobile Aurora Gry.JPG
11082 2/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Olds 442 W-30 Olds 442 W-30 Red.JPG
11083 3/9 1993 Demolition Man Series GM Ultralite GM Ultralite Deman.JPG
11084 4/9 1993 Demolition Man Series GM Lean Machine GM Lean Machine Demo.JPG
11085 5/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Corvette Stingray III Corvette Stingray III - 93 Demolition Man.jpg
11087 6/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Pontiac Salsa Pontiac Salsa orgBWO2.JPG
11088 7/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Pontiac Banshee Pontiac Banshee RedDemoMan.jpg
11089 8/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Buick Wildcat Buick Wildcat CRedBW.JPG
11090 9/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Chevrolet ACC Camaro 93 Camaro ACC.jpg

25th Anniversary Series

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
5700 Red Baron Metalflake Bright Red Unpainted / metal Black Red Line china Red Baron-25th Bright Red.jpg
5707 Paddy Wagon Metallic Brown / Matt Black Unpainted / metal Blue tinted Black Red Line china Paddy Wagon-25th Brown.jpg
5708 Splittin' Image Metallic Brown Unpainted / metal Grooved and blue tinted Tan Red Line china Splittin' Image-25th Brown.jpg
5709 Twin Mill Metallic Pink Metal / Metallic Pink Clear white Red Line china Twin Mill-25th Pink .jpg
5714 Beatnik Bandit Metallic Lime Green Unpainted / metal Blue tinted white Red Line china Beatnik Bandit-25th Lime Green.jpg
5715 Silhouette Body colored metal Purple tinted Red Line china Image Not Available.jpg
5730 The Demon Metallic Turquoise Unpainted / metal Blue tinted / clear Black Red Line china The Demon-25th Turquoise.jpg
5743 Classic Nomad Metallic Violet Unpainted / metal Clear white Red Line china Hood opens Classic Nomad-25th Violet.jpg


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