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This article is a list of Hot Wheels released in 1993.

New Castings

Col # Car name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
202 '93 Camaro Purple Red, Yellow "Camaro" on sides Black / Plastic Black Tint Gray UH 3021 '93 Camaro Prp.JPG
203 Jaguar XJ220 Metallic Silver N/A Black / Plastic Clear Black UH 3026 Jaguar XJ220 - Silver.JPG
204 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Red, Yellow and Tan Whit & Red "Oscar Mayer" Logo Black / Metal Black Tint Unseen BW Black 3029 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile BBW.JPG
206 Pipe Jammer Yellow no tampo Black Metal N/A Chrome UH 3036 Pipe Jammer Yel.JPG
208 Avus Quattro Met. Silver Silver and Black on roof Black / Plastic Clear Red UH 5250 Avus Quatro SilvUH.JPG
209 Lexus SC400 Metalflake Black N/A Black / Plastic Clear White BW 5263 Lexus SC400 Blkbw.JPG
210 Dodge Viper RT/10 Red N/A Black Clear Black UH 5265 Viper RT10 - 30th Anni.JPG
212 Silhouette II Met. Purple w/Chrome Engine N/A Chrome / Plastic Clear White UH 5267 Silouette II PrpUH.JPG
205 Treadator Red & Chrome N/A Black / Plastic Chrome N/A Black track with tiny rollers 3035 Treadator Red.JPG
211 Twin Mill II Bright Yellow-Green N/A Chrome / Plastic Black Tint N/A UH 5266 Twin Mill II BrtYel.JPG


Col # Car name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
149 BMW 850i Blue Pink, Blue, Yellow, White markings Blue / Plastic Clear Tan HO 5667 BMW 850 BluHO.JPG
149 BMW 850i Blue Pink, Blue, Yellow, White markings Blue / Plastic Clear Tan LIW 5667 BMW 850 BluGrn.JPG
197 Corvette Split Window Blue Yellow, Red and Purple graphics Chrome / Plastic Clear Red WW 3092 Originally named Spit Window '63 Th 63corvette016.jpg
197 Gleamer Patrol Textured Chrome N/A Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Black BW 1691 Originally named Highway Patrol Sheriff Patrol glmrLt.JPG
200 Corvette Convertible White Black, Red, Yellow "CORVETTE" on hood and sides Black / Plastic Clear Red UH 2898 Custom Corvette WhtUH.JPG
224 Zombot Blue Chrome Pink Gun N/A Unpainted / Metal N/A N/A UH 3852 224 Zombot 1993 .JPG
228 Zender Fact 4 Metallic Blue Zender Fact 4 Black / Plastic Dark Tinted Black UH 4407 Zender fact 4 blue metallic tinted glass UH wheels.JPG
232 Lamborghini Countach Red White, Black "Countach" Red / Metal Black Tint Black UH 4384 Lamborghini Countach RedStrp.JPG

1993 Hot Wheels

Col # Car name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
214 Swingfire Metalflake Dark Blue Yellow & White deco on hood Unpainted / Metal Clear White WWBW 4312 Swingfire package front.png
215 Auburn 852 Red N/A Unpainted / Metal Clear Black WWBW 4314 Auburn 852 (2) package front.png
232 Lamborghini Countach White N/A White / Metal Tinted (Black) Red 5DOT 4384 Lamborghini Countach package front.png

Tattoo Machines

Car name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Series Rename Photo
Baja Breaker Maroon with fading Yellow front Black, Yellow, Red, White mouth with fangs Unpainted / Metal Clear Red BW 3490 Open Wide Baja Breaker OpenWide.jpg
BMW 323 Metallic Pink Black & White Skulls, Green & Black Snakes Black / Plastic Clear Tan BW 3492 Skull Rider BMW 323 - Tattoo Machines.jpg
BMW M1 Metallic Blue Purple, Blue and Red dogs Black / Metal Grey Tint Black BW Street Dog BMW M1 Dog.JPG
Monster Vette Yellow Black, Orange, White, tigers & stripes Unpainted / Metal Grey Tint Grey Tint CTS 3716 "Street Beast" Monster Vette StrtBst R.JPG
Porsche 959 Yellow & Light Green Red, Black , Blue Eyes Unpainted / Metal Clear Grey BW 3493 Eye-Gor Porsche 959 Eyegor.JPG
Race Bait 308 Blue White, Red, Yellow, Hot Wheels Logos Black / Metal Grey Tint Black BW 3494 "Hot Wheels" Hot Wheels Frri.JPG
Rapid Transit White Brown, Orange, Green covered in words Unpainted / Metal Clear Unpainted / Metal BW 3502 Bus Boys Rapid Transit WhtTat.JPG
Rapid Transit Yellow Brown, Orange, Green covered in words Unpainted / Metal Clear Unpainted / Metal BW 3502 Bus Boys Rapid Transit YelTat1.JPG
Science Friction Blue Blue, Pink, Light Green, lightning bolts Unpainted / Metal Chrome Unseen BW Lightning Storm Lightning Storm L.JPG
Speed Blaster Green with fading Yellow rear Yellow, Green, Red, dragon Green / Plastic Chrome Unseen BW Dragon Wagon Speed Blaster grnBW.JPG
Sting Rod Metallic Silver Yellow, Black, Green, Red markings Black / Metal Metallic Blue Black CTS Black 3527 Ammo Ammo.JPG
Talbot Lago White Black and Red Spiders Green / Metal Red Tint Chrome WW 3479 Spiderider Talbot Lago Spdr.JPG
Road Pirate Red Yellow, Black, White, skull, treasure map, sword Black / Plastic Chrome Unseen BW Road Pirate.JPG

Demolition Man

Toy # # in Series Series Name Casting Photo
10566 1/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Oldsmobile Aurora Oldsmobile Aurora Gry.JPG
11082 2/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Olds 442 W-30 Olds 442 W-30 Red.JPG
11083 3/9 1993 Demolition Man Series GM Ultralite GM Ultralite Deman.JPG
11084 4/9 1993 Demolition Man Series GM Lean Machine GM Lean Machine Demo.JPG
11085 5/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Corvette Stingray III Corvette Stingray III - 93 Demolition Man.jpg
11087 6/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Pontiac Salsa Pontiac Salsa orgBWO2.JPG
11088 7/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Pontiac Banshee Pontiac Banshee RedDemoMan.jpg
11089 8/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Buick Wildcat Buick Wildcat CRedBW.JPG
11090 9/9 1993 Demolition Man Series Chevrolet ACC Camaro 93 Camaro ACC.jpg

25th Anniversary Series

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
5700 Red Baron Metalflake Bright Red Unpainted / Metal N/A Black RL China Red Baron-25th Bright Red.jpg
5707 Paddy Wagon Metallic Brown / Matte Black Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Black RL China Paddy Wagon-25th Brown.jpg
5708 Splittin' Image Metallic Brown Unpainted / Metal Grooved and Blue Tinted Tan RL China Splittin' Image-25th Brown.jpg
5709 Twin Mill Metallic Pink Metal / Metallic Pink Clear White RL China Twin Mill-25th Pink .jpg
5714 Beatnik Bandit Metallic Lime Green Unpainted / metal Blue Tinted White RL China Beatnik Bandit-25th Lime Green.jpg
5715 Silhouette Metallic Light Green Metal / Metallic

Light Green

Blue Tinted Black RL China Silhouet25LtGrn.JPG
5730 The Demon Metallic Turquoise Unpainted / Metal Blue Tinted / Clear Black RL China The Demon-25th Turquoise.jpg
5743 Classic Nomad Metallic Violet Unpainted / Metal Clear White RL China Hood opens Classic Nomad-25th Violet.jpg


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