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Tool # Col. # Casting Series Set # Photo
DTX10 001 Aristo Rat Legends of Speed 3/10
Aristo Rat - 17NM LegendsofSpeed 600pxOTD.jpg
DTW95 002 UNSC Warthog HW Screen Time 1/10
DTW97 004 '70 Dodge Charger Experimotors 1/10
DTW81 007 2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Factory Fresh 2/10
DTW94 022 Fairlady 2000 Legends of Speed 1/10
DTW98 023 Speedy Pérez Legends of Speed 2/10
DTX20 026 Emoticar Experimotors 5/10
Emoticar - 17 Experimotors HAPPY 600pxOTD.jpg
DTX07 050 Sky Dome Experimotors 3/10
DTW93 056 Volkswagen Käfer Racer HW Speed Graphics 2/10
DTX11 066 Boom Car HW Ride-Ons 1/5
Boom Car DTX11.png
DTX14 070 Roller Toaster Legends of Speed 4/10
Roller Toaster-2017 070.jpg
DTX09 075 El Viento Experimotors 4/10
El Viento-2017 075.jpg
DTW89 076 Custom Datsun 240Z Factory Fresh 3/10
DSC 5553.jpg
DTX23 089 Turbo Rooster Street Beasts 1/10
DTX23 Turbo Rooster.png
DTX01 097 Tesla Model X Factory Fresh 9/10
DSC 5598.jpg
DHN90 099 '68 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage HW Screen Time 3/10
'68 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage-2017 099.jpg
DTX18 101 Gotta Go Experimotors 2/10
Convention - Gotta Go Sneak 600pxOTD.jpg
DTX13 120 Rig Heat Legends of Speed 5/10
Rig Heat DTX13-0.png
DTW79 128 Corvette C7 Z06 Factory Fresh 1/10
Corvette C7 Z06 DTW79.png
DTX21 139 Aisle Driver HW Ride-Ons 2/5
DTX05 145 Head Starter Tooned 1/10
DTX08 147 Flash Drive Legends of Speed 6/10
DTX03 149 Milano HW Screen Time 7/10
Milano-2017 149.jpg
DTW87 153 Porsche 934.5 Factory Fresh 4/10
DSC 5661.jpg
DTW92 166 2016 Ford GT Race HW Speed Graphics 3/10
2016 Ford GT Race-HW 2017 -166-SpeedGraphics.jpg
DTX12 179 Baja Hauler HW Hot Trucks 3/10
Baja Hauler DTX12.png
DTX28 186 Quad Rod HW Moto 1/5
Quad Rod DTX28.png
DTX16 198 Surf 'N Turf Tooned 2/10
Surf N Turf - 17NM Tooned 600pxOTD.png
DTX02 201 Volkswagen T2 Pickup HW Art Cars 1/10
Volkswagen T2 Pickup DTX02.png
DTX25 206 Hotweiler Street Beasts 3/10
DTW80 220 2017 Camaro ZL1 Camaro Fifty 1/5
DTX04 228 Crescendo Super Chromes 1/10
DTX06 232 Track Hammer HW Glow Wheels 1/10
DTX22 244 The Embosser Experimotors 6/10
DTW84 256 '15 Mercedes-AMG GT HW Exotics 2/10
'15 Mercedes AMG GT-HW 2017 -256-Exotics.jpg
DTX26 259 Sky Fi HW City Works 2/10
Sky Fi.jpg
DTX24 264 Motosaurus Street Beasts 2/10
Motosaurus - 17NM Street Beasts 600pxOTD.png
DTW96 266 Ice Charger HW Screen Time 2/10
Ice Charger-HW 2017 -266-ScreenTime.jpg
DTW99 282 '17 Nissan GT-R (R35) Nightburnerz 1/10
'17 Nissan GT-R (R35)-2017 282 (1).jpg
DTX00 286 Mazda REPU HW Daredevils 1/10
Mazda REPU - 17NM HWDaredevils 600pxOTD.png
DTW86 290 '17 Pagani Huayra Roadster HW Exotics 4/10
Huyra Roadster Blue 17.jpg
DTX17 292 Solid Muscle HW Digital Circuit 2/5
DTX15 305 Rally Cat HW Digital Circuit 1/5
DTX27 312 Time Shifter HW City Works 1/10
DTW88 327 '16 Honda Civic Type R Then and Now 1/10
DTX19 331 Street Wiener HW City Works 3/10
DTW82 335 Custom '67 Pontiac Firebird Muscle Mania 1/10
Cus 67 Pont Fire - Musc M 1 - 17 - 1.jpg
DTW90 336 '95 Mazda RX-7 Then and Now 3/10
FJV99 358 Gazella R HW Exotics 1/10

Car Culture

Tool # Casting Series Set # Photo
DWH71 '60s Fiat 500D Modificado Car Culture: Air-Cooled 5/5
DWH76 Porsche 962 Car Culture: Race Day 4/5
Porsche 962-HW 2017 Car Culture (Race Day)--4.jpg
DWH66 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 EVO II Car Culture: Modern Classics 5/5
DWH86 BMW M1 Procar Car Culture: Cars & Donuts 4/5
BMW M1 Procar-HW 2017 Car Culture (Cars & Donuts)--4.jpg
DWH89 Subaru Impreza WRX Car Culture: Cars & Donuts 5/5
Subaru Impreza WRX-HW 2017 Car Culture (Cars & Donuts)--5.jpg

Replica Entertainment

Tool # Casting Series Set # Photo
DWJ82 UNSC Scorpion Replica Entertainment: Halo
UNSC Scorpion - 17 Replica Entertainment HALO 600pxOTD.png
DWJ83 Covenant Ghost Replica Entertainment: Halo
Covenant Ghost.jpg
DWJ84 Banished Wraith Replica Entertainment: Halo
Banished Wraith.jpg
DWJ85 UNSC Gungoose Replica Entertainment: Halo
UNSC Gungoose.jpg
DWJ96 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica Entertainment: Forza Motorsport 1/5
Porsche 356 Speedster-2017 R.Entertainment.jpg

Pop Culture

Tool # Casting Series Set # Photo
DWH21 '60s Ford Econoline Pickup Pop Culture: Star Wars Bounty Hunter 1/6
'60s Ford Econoline Pickup SW front.jpg

San Diego Comic-Con

Tool # Casting Series Photo
FCM88 Justice League Batmobile San Diego Comic-Con
Image Not Available.jpg
FPC77 Spider-Mobile San Diego Comic-Con
Image Not Available.jpg

Marvel Character Cars

Tool # Casting Series Photo
DXM03 Deadpool Marvel Character Cars
Deadpool (DMX03).jpg
DXM04 Elektra Marvel Character Cars
Elektra (DXM04) 02.png
DXM05 Groot Go-Kart Marvel Character Cars
Groot Go-Kart DXM05.png
DXM06 Yondu Marvel Character Cars
Yondu DXM06.png
DXM07 Nebula Marvel Character Cars
Nebula (DXM07).jpg
DXM08 Mantis Marvel Character Cars
Marvel Mantis (pack).jpg
DXM09 Spider-Man Marvel Character Cars
Spider-Man (2017) (DXM09).jpg
DXM10 Vulture Marvel Character Cars
Vulture (pack).png
DXM11 Iron Fist Marvel Character Cars
Iron Fist (DXM11).jpg
DXM12 Loki Marvel Character Cars
DXM12 C 17 005.png
DXM13 Gladiator Hulk Marvel Character Cars
Gladiator Hulk (DXM13).png
FLG50 Valkyrie Marvel Character Cars
Valkyrie (FLG50).jpg
FDM61 Web Car Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher

DC Character Cars

Tool # Casting Series Photo
DXM52 Batgirl DC Character Cars
DC Batgirl (DXM52).png
DXM53 Aquaman DC Character Cars
DC Aquaman (DXM53).jpg
DXM54 Katana DC Character Cars
DXM55 Cyborg DC Character Cars
Cyborg 02.jpg
DXM56 Batman DC Character Cars
DXM57 Doomsday DC Character Cars
DC Doomsday (DMX57).png
DXM58 Ares DC Character Cars
Ares (FDM63).jpg
DXM59 Swamp Thing DC Character Cars
Swamp Thing (DMX59).png
DXM60 The Flash DC Character Cars
Justice League The Flash (DXM60) 02.jpg
DXN54 Supergirl DC Super Hero Girls
Supergirl (DXN54) 01.jpg
FGL63 The Joker GT DC Character Cars
DC The Joker GT (FGL63).png
FGL64 Deadshot DC Character Cars
Deadshot (FGL64) 02.jpeg
FGL67 Green Arrow DC Character Cars
Green Arrow (FGL67) 01.jpg

Star Wars Character Cars

Tool # Casting Series Photo
DXP70 Baze Malbus Star Wars Character Cars
Baze Malbus (DXP70) 03.jpg
FDJ73 BB-9E Star Wars Character Cars
FDJ73 BB-9E-0.jpg
DXP69 Chirrut Imwe Star Wars Character Cars
Chirrut Imwe (DXP69) 02.jpg
FDJ72 Elite Praetorian Guard Star Wars Character Cars
FDJ72 Elite Praetorian Guard.jpg
DJL73 Ezra Bridger Star Wars Character Cars
Ezra Bridger (DJL73) 01.jpg
DJL63 Imperial Royal Guard Star Wars Character Cars
18308956 10154857241479177 471927641 n.jpg
DJL60 K-2SO Star Wars Character Cars
K-2SO - 17 Star Wars Characters R1 600pxOTD.png
FDJ71 Rey, Jedi Training Star Wars Character Cars
FDJ71 Rey, Jedi Training.jpg
FJT82 First Order Executioner Star Wars Character Cars
First Order Executioner FJT82.jpg
FDK38 Rose Star Wars Character Cars
Rose FDK38.jpg
DJL61 Scarif Stormtrooper Star Wars Character Cars
Hot Wheels Scarif Stormtrooper Loose.jpg
FCD77 Scout Trooper Star Wars Character Cars
FCD77 Scout Trooper.jpg
DXP27 Sergeant Jyn Erso Star Wars Character Cars
81vs-ticDPL. SL1500 .jpg
DJM05 Bossk Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
Bossk (FDK45) 01.jpg
DXP95 Death Trooper Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
SWHW - Death Trooper.jpg
FCD90 Director Krennic Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
Director Krennic (FCD90).png
DJM04 Han Solo in Carbonite Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
Han Solo.jpg
DXP97 Hera Syndulla Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
Hera Syndulla (DXP97) 01.jpg
FCD91 Luke Skywalker Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
Jedi Luke Skywalker (FCD91) 01.jpg
DJM07 Rancor Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
18360766 10154859720304177 927390675 n.jpg
FDK37 Snoke Star Wars Character Cars 2-Pack
Snoke 01.jpg
DXR05 Captain Cassian Andor Star Wars Character Cars Rogue One 5-Pack
Captain Cassian Andor - 17SWCC RogueOne5PK PKG 600pxOTD.png
FJV19 Biggs Darklighter Star Wars Celebration Exclusive
Image Not Available.jpg

Looney Tunes Character Cars

Tool # Casting Series Set # Photo
DXT10 Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Character Cars 1/6
Bugs Bunny DXT10.png
DXT14 Daffy Duck Looney Tunes Character Cars 2/6
Daffy Duck DXT14.png
DXT11 Tazmanian Devil Looney Tunes Character Cars 3/6
Tazmanian Devil DXT11.png
DXT12 Road Runner Looney Tunes Character Cars 4/6
Road Runner DXT12.png
DXT13 Wile E. Coyote Looney Tunes Character Cars 5/6
Wile E, Coyote DXT13.png
DXT15 Marvin the Martian Looney Tunes Character Cars 6/6
Marvin the Martian DXT15.png

Minecraft Character Cars

Tool # Casting Series Set # Photo
DXT22 Creeper Minecraft Character Cars 1/6
DXT22 Creeper.jpg
DXT23 Enderman Minecraft Character Cars 2/6
DXT23 Enderman.jpg
DXT24 Skeleton Minecraft Character Cars 3/6
DXT24 Skeleton.jpg
DXT25 Iron Golem Minecraft Character Cars 4/6
DXT25 Iron Golem.jpg
DXT26 Spider Minecraft Character Cars 5/6
DXT26 Spider.jpg
DXT27 Zombie Minecraft Character Cars 6/6
DXT27 Zombie.jpg

Despicable Me 3 Character Cars

Tool # Casting Series Set # Photo
DXT17 Minion Dave Despicable Me 3 Character Cars 1/6
DXT17 Minion Dave rear.jpg
DXT21 Minion Stuart Despicable Me 3 Character Cars 2/6
DXT21 Minion Stuart.jpg
DXT18 Minion Jerry Despicable Me 3 Character Cars 3/6
DXT18 Minion Jerry.jpg
DXT19 Minion Tom Despicable Me 3 Character Cars 4/6
DXT19 Minion Tom.jpg
DXT16 Gru Despicable Me 3 Character Cars 5/6
DXT16 Gru.jpg
DXT20 Bratt Despicable Me 3 Character Cars 6/6
DXT20 Bratt.jpg

Star Wars Carships

Tool # Casting Series Photo
DPV31 TIE Striker Star Wars Carships
DPV31 TIE Striker.jpg
DPV32 Rebel U-wing Fighter Star Wars Carships
DPV32 Rebel U-wing Fighter.jpg
DPV33 Poe's X-wing Fighter Star Wars Carships
Poe's X-Wing Fighter (Carship) (DVP33) 01.jpg
DPV34 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Star Wars Carships
FGX88 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter.jpg
DPV36 Partisan X-wing Fighter Star Wars Carships
DPV36 Partisan X-wing Fighter.jpg
FBB73 Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer Star Wars Carships
FBB73 Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer.jpg
FBB74 Resistance Ski Speeder Star Wars Carships
FBB74 Resistance Sky Speeder.jpg
FBB75 Resistance A-wing Fighter Star Wars Carships
Image Not Available.jpg
FBX16 Rebel Snowspeeder Star Wars Carships
Rebel Snowspeeder Carship (FBX16) 01.jpg
FBX17 Naboo N-1 Starfighter Star Wars Carships
FBX17 Naboo N-1 Starfighter package front.jpg
DXX94 Y-wing Fighter Star Wars Carships
DXX94 Y-wing Fighter.jpg
FBX15 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter Star Wars Carships
Image Not Available.jpg
FGX72 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle Star Wars Carships
Image Not Available.jpg

Hot Wheels New Castings by Year

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