This is a list of unreleased hot wheels these cars or sets that have never saw the face of production or very limited production.

The Law

The Law was super rare/unreleased monster truck it is unknown what it looks like some believe that it's a Five-O, and was supposedly made into paddy wagon from a Monster jam game others say that's it's a it is a american themed pickup truck.


Megafighter was a unreleased motorcycle from the Megaforce Series when mattel made the vehicles for the megaforce moive series in 1982, they had 6 vehicles in mine but only five were released. the megafighter was never made it pass it's prototype stage but if it had came out it would have been the 3rd motorcycle in hot wheels history.

Unnamed Offroader

Not much is known about this hot wheels vehicle, but it can be assumed that it was going to first debut in the hot wheels Turbo Driver line back in 2008. the vehicle appears to be an offroader covered in armor plates. the reason for the vehicle cancellation is unknown.

Ripped Rod

Ripped Rod is basically a Rip Rod without wheels. It appeared carded (with altered CG to make it more like an aircraft and "Notwheels" in the logo) in the April Fool prank from Hot Wheels Official on Instagram.

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