Released in 2012, the Max Steel Core Overload 5-Pack featured the castings listed below:



The following castings were in the Max Steel : Core Overload 5-Pack (X1111):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Piledriver color wheel Country Pile Driver Model Cars 9f03c9c9-2cfd-422d-8c2e-04a50ddf1782 medium
Zotic color wheel Country Zotic Model Cars aed3acb5-cef5-47ac-a6dd-cbc2cea0861f medium
SpecTyte color wheel Country Spectyte Model Cars 2afe74ed-d489-49c1-86e1-5102943edcc1 medium
RD-09 color wheel Country RD-09 Model Cars 14226a64-6b6c-4673-8f82-b7f5bcc5bcab medium
HW Prototype 12 color wheel Country HW Prototype 12 Model Cars 3ae82505-6c9b-49ac-bd23-901e0e909a45 large