Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2006 - Present
Designer Jun Imai
Number CJX89


This casting was released as Med-Evil in 2006. In 2008, the name Lane Splitter was used once on the release packaging, even though the casting still bore the name Med-Evil.


Med-Evil has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Upper / Middle Layer Colors Tampo Base Color Interior / Driver Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
30 2006 First Editions
Light Blue & Orange / Chrome No deco Black / Metal Black OH5 J3271 Malaysia FTE Variant shown in Gallery MedEvilJ3271-OH5
30 2006 First Editions
Light Blue / Chrome Orange, White, Black, "3", "J. Imai" Black / Metal Black w/ Black driver Orange OH5 J3271 Malaysia FTE Variant shown in Gallery Med Evil R
- 2007 Gift Cars Giftcard Flat Black / Chrome Red & white tampos, "330", "30" Unpainted / Metal Red Red RRMAG M3068 Thailand MedEvilM3068
187 2008 Mystery Cars
Pearl White / Red Red, Silver, Black & Blue tampos on sides and across top with '68', 'Med Evil' on hood Unpainted / Metal Grey Red OH5 M6957 Malaysia Released as Lane Splitter; base says Med-Evil 2008 Mystery Lane Splitter
6/25 2009 Connect Cars: Track Legends #6 Black / Red Black, White & Red "Diesel" tampos, "05" Unpainted / Metal Grey Chrome OH5 P2113 Malaysia Base Code(s): C34 MedEvilBlack
- 2010 Racing Rigs Rollin' Rider Black / Red Yellow, Purple & Orange Tampos Black / Metal Black Purple OH5 R1066 Malaysia Base Code(s): C20 MedEvilR1066
5pk 2011 4-Lane Elimination Race Satin Antifreeze / Blue White, Silver & Dark Blue tampos, 'Med-Evil', '33' Unpainted / Metal Black WLPR5 T8634 Thailand Base Code(s): 2011 4LaneElimRace5packMedevil
5pk 2013 Vertical Velocity 5 Yellow / Purple Black, White & Blue tampos, stripes across top, checkerboard & '31' on hood Matte Black / Metal Black OH5 w/ White rims X9845 Thailand Base Code(s): F09 MedEvilX9845
5pk 2014 Ultimate Racing Red / White Yellow & Green stripes, race deco across top, HW logo & '4' on hood Lime Green / Metal White OH5 w/ Yellow rims BFB39 Thailand Base Code(s): G08 Med-Evil BFB39
- 2015 Mystery Models Purple / Yellow Black, White & Yellow tampos & stripes across top, checkerboard & '31' on hood Matte Black / Metal Yellow Black OH5 w/ White rims CJX89 Thailand Base code(s): H06 MedEvilCJX89
5pk 2016 Stunt Circuit Hot Pink / Black White, Black & Yellow deco across top, star on hood Unpainted / Metal Black Yellow OH5 DJD25 Malaysia Base Code(s): J26 MedEvilDJD25
6/12 2017 Mystery Models Teal / Orange Black & White deco, '37', 'Med-Evil' on top Unpainted / Metal Orange White OH5 DVY77 Malaysia Base code(s): J40 MedEvilY8127
07/12 2017 Mystery Models Metalflake Blue / Lime Lime and White tampo, "68" and "medevil" Flat Black / metal Lime Black OH5 White edge DYL58 Malaysia Base Code(s) K30 Med-Evil-l


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