Mercedes CLK-LM
Debut Series First Editions
Produced 1999 - 2003
Designer Mark Jones
Number 21073
Mercedes CLK-LM Gry


The Mercedes CLK-LM is a road car homologated in very small production numbers (26 total) to allow Mercedes-Benz an entry to the 1998-99 Le Mans 24-Hour Races. Even though the Hot Wheels version is un-liveried, the car exhibits all the required racing modifications such as fender cooling vents, aero package, lowered nose and roof, among other features.


The Mercedes CLK-LM has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
926 1999 First Editions
Pearl Light Grey Silver HW logo on rear wing Black / Plastic Clear Black Gold LW 21073 Malaysia Mercedes CLK-LM Gry
163 2000 Mainline Red tiny White Hot Wheels logo on wing Black / Plastic Clear Black LW 27129 China
Mercedes CLK-LM Red
118 2002 Mainline Metallic Burgundy black HW logo on hood Black / Plastic tinted Black LW 55003 China Mercedes clk lm burgundy red metallic
158 2003 Pride Rides
Metallic Blue red, orange, gold, black tampos Black / Plastic tinted Black chrome Red Y5 57146 Malaysia Mercedes clk lm blue metallic


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