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The Hot Wheels 2009 Military Rods, are a 26 car set. These can be found in selected stores, Like Wal-Mart but, this doesn't make them an Exclusive set by brand through that store. Any vendor through Mattel can purchase this line by case code.

Toy # # in Series Casting Photo
N9800 1/26 Enforcer N9800 c 09 001.jpg
N9801 2/26 Limozeen N9801 c 09 001.jpg
N9802 3/26 Camaro Z-28 N9802 c 09 002.jpg
N9804 4/26 Humvee N9804 c 09 001.jpg
N9803 5/26 Pontiac Firebird Army Firebird.jpg
N9805 6/26 Propper Chopper Propper Chopper Military Rods.jpg
N9806 7/26 '69 Pontiac GTO 69 GTO - Military Rods.JPG
N9807 8/26 La Troca

LaTroca MilitaryRods.JPG

N9808 9/26 Rescue Ranger

RescueRanger MilitaryRods.JPG

N9809 10/26 '67 Dodge Charger

67dodgecharger MilitaryRods.JPG

N9810 11/26 Rodger Dodger

RodgerDodger MilitaryRods.JPG

N9811 12/26 '59 Chevy Bel Air

59ChevyBelAir MilitaryRods.JPG

N9812 13/26 Honda Civic Si

CivicSI MilitaryRods.JPG

N9813 14/26 '68 El Camino

69ElCamino MilitaryRods.JPG

N9814 15/26 Willys Coupe

41ProModWillys MilitaryRods.JPG

N9815 16/26 Double Demon

Demon MilitaryRods.JPG

N9816 17/26 Olds 442

Olds442 MilitaryRods.JPG

N9817 18/26 '69 Ford Mustang

69Mustang MilitaryRods.JPG

N9818 19/26 Anglia Panel Truck

AngliaPanel MilitaryRods.JPG

N9819 20/26 Jaded

Jaded MilitaryRods.JPG

N9820 21/26 '80s Corvette 80sCorvette MilitaryRods.JPG
N9821 22/26 Phaeton Phaeton MilitaryRods.JPG
N9822 23/26 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept FordShelbyGR-1Concept MilitaryRods.JPG
N9823 24/26 Ford Thunderbolt FordThunderbolt MilitaryRods.JPG
N9824 25/26 '83 Chevy Silverado Military 83 silverado sleepercivic.jpg
N9825 26/26 Combat Medic Delivery militaryrod.JPG

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