Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2001 - Present
Designer Alec Tam
Number 28764
Monoposto 2001 first edition pearl orange


The Monoposto has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color /; Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
031 2001 First Editions
Pearl Orange Black, White, Green and Blue "Hot Wheels" logo on top Black / Plastic green tint Chrome PR5 28764 Malaysia Monoposto 2001 first edition pearl orange
087 2002 Spectraflame II
Light Green "Spectraflame II" Tampo on right side Black / Plastic Purple Chrome PR5 54345 Malaysia Monoposto green spectaflame II series 2002
124 2002 Mainline red orange/gold/white/purple HW tampo black blue tint white 3sp & PR5 55009 Malaysia & Thaland Monoposto red 3sp malaysia 2002
5pk 2002 Turbo Jet City Green Monoposto 3 Turbo JC3 Black plastic tinted Black 5DOT 54411 China Monoposto green turbo jet City 5-pack 2002
2002 Kmart 10-pack Red '02 bday' & 'monoposto' on top Black / Plastic Red Gold PR5 Malaysia Monoposto re 2002 10-car party pack pr5 wheels black mal base
2002 Power Launcher Yellow Black, Orange, White, & Silver tampos, HW logo across top Black / Plastic Orange Chrome PR5 Malaysia Monoposto ,2002 Power Launcher CIMG1689
56253 2002 Planet Hot Wheels Energy Cars 1/6 Black "Electrical" tampos Black / Plastic Yellow tint Gold Gold PR5 B1556 Malaysia Packaged with a CD and 4 pencils Monoposto - 5387df
2002 Hot Wheels Originals PC6
088 2003 Carbonated Cruisers
Pearl white Yellow and Green "Reale Lime Twister" in Silver Black / Plastic Green tint Chrome Green 5DOT 57225 Malaysia Monoposto pealr white green HO wheels mal base carbonated cruisers series 2003
2003 Metro City Police Set White HWPD logo black/blue Black plastic Blue tinted/clear Chrome PR5 1360 Malaysia Monoposto white Metro City Police Force 2003
2003 Turbo Jet City Yellow Purple PR5 54942 Malaysia Monoposto CIMG1452
2004 Jet Port Set White Blue Black Plastic Light Blue Chrome Chrome PR5 Malaysia Monoposto.white
2004 Mutant Biotronic Kingdom Set Monoposto 2004 24
5pk 2005 Gorilla Attack 5SP IMG 0832 1
171 2006 Mainline Metallic green 2006-Monoposto
2007 Code Cars Metalflake dark green White and Black tampos with 01 on sides and top Chrome Tinted (smoke) Black 5DOT Malaysia Monoposto.Codecar.5dot.perspective
091 2007 Code Cars Metalflake Dark Green White and Black tampos with 01 on sides and top Chrome Tinted (smoke) Y5 Malaysia 2007-Monoposto
184 2008 Mystery Cars
Monoposto 184
8/25 2009 Connect Cars: Track Legends #8 Gold Black, Purple & Silver "Sleek" Tampos #14 Chrome Plastic Dark Purple Black Chrome OH5 P2110 Malaysia Connectmonoposto
N/A 2011 Super 6-Lane Raceway Blue Black & Off-White Graphics on side Gray Plastic Clear Black PR5 W9570 China Monoposto - Super6Lane
N/A 2013 Multipacks Exclusive Metalflake Purple Black graphics with orange outline, "monoposto" Black Plastic Orange Black Orange PR5 Malaysia Base Code: E47 PurpleMonoposto9pack6
2013 Trackin' Trucks Silver Monoposto silver
2015 Multipacks Exclusive Blue Black graphics with orange outline, "MONOPOSTO" Black Plastic Orange Black Gold PR5 X6999 Malaysia 20160710 014210
10 2016 Mystery Models Copper Black, White & Gold design on sides with 'Monoposto' Black Plastic Clear Black Gold TRAP5 Base Code:  Image Not Available
N/A 2015 Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 Blue Red and blue graphics w/Spider-Man logo Black Plastic Red Black Red PR5 DJJ71 Malaysia Spider
2018 Mystery Models White Black graphics with orange outline, "MONOPOSTO" Black Plastic Red Black Red PR5 Image Not Available


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