Released in 2008, the Monster Duos matched Monster Jam Trucks with Hot Wheels Vehicles. The original 3 releases were. Hot Wheels Monster Truck paired with Off Track, Captain's Curse paired with Jaded, & Monster Mutt paired with Purple Passion.

The Duos returned in 2010 with all 3 original releases re-issued.

  • The Monster Duos were issued in groups of 3, All 3 in a group shared a common card with a common Toy #
Toy # Casting Name Monster Jam Truck Notes Photo Monster truck Photo
T1483 2009 Ford F-150 Blue Thunder 2010 09F150 MonsterDuo MonsterJam BlueThunder
'57 Chevy Avenger 2010 57Chevy MonsterDuo MonsterJam Avenger
Anglia Panel Grave Digger 2010 Angliapanel duo grave MonsterJam Gravedigger
Batmobile Batmobile 2010 BatmanBegins MonsterDuo MonsterJam Batman
P0181 Bone Shaker Bone Shaker 2010 Boneshaker monsterduo 100 7067
T1481 Rescue Ranger Backdraft 2010 RescueRanger monsterDuo 100 7075
Purple Passion Monster Mutt, Dalmation 2008 and 2010 Passion monsterduo MonsterJam MonsterMutt
T1486 Baja Breaker Bounty Hunter 2010 BajaBreaker MonsterDuo MonsterJam BountyHunter
Dairy Delivery Udder Madness 2010 P1070928c 1000 UdderMadness Truck
Jaded Captain's Curse 2008 and 2010 Jaded captain sleepercivic MonsterJam CaptainsCurse
Off Track Hot Wheels 2008 and 2010 OffTrack MonsterDuo MonsterJam Hot Wheels
Whip Creamer Maximum Destruction 2010 WhipCreamer MonsterDuo MonsterJam MaximumDestruction


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