In 2018, Hot Wheels released a series of 8 Mopar vehicles.


The following vehicles were used in the Mopar Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/8 GDG54 2013 Viper SRT Orange Black Stripes 10SP Base code(s): L10, L23 Mopar-srtviper.jpg 2013 SRT Viper. 2018 Mopar.jpg
2/8 GDG55 Custom '77 Dodge Van Blue Red, White & Blue Stripes with Mopar Logo 5SP Base code(s): L14, L23 Custom 77-Van 2018 Mopar.jpg Custom '77 Dodge Van.2018 Mopar.jpg
3/8 GDG56 Dodge Charger Drift Car Light Green Black & White Stripes and 'MOPAR' Black (White Rim) PR5 Base code(s): L10 Mopar-chargerdrift.jpg Dodge Charger Drift. 2018 Mopar.jpg
4/8 GDG57 Dodge Viper GTS-R Silver Blue Stripes Black (Chrome Blue Rim) PR5 Base code(s): L10, L23 Mopar-vipergtsr.jpg Viper.GTS-R.Mopar.jpg
5/8 GDG58 '71 Plymouth Road Runner Yellow Black Stripes Black (Chrome Rim) OH5 Base code(s): L10, L23 Mopar-roadrunner.jpg '71 Road Runner.2018 Mopar.jpg
6/8 GDG59 Dixie Challenger Red Black, Yellow & Blue Stripes with 'MOPAR' Gold Chrome 5SP Base code(s): L19, L23 '70 Dixie Challenger Moper Series 2018.jpeg Dixie Challenger. 2018 Mopar.jpg
7/8 GDG60 '70 Dodge Charger R/T Red White Stripes 5SP Package error - written
'70 Dodge Challenger R/T

Base code(s): L23
'70.Charger.RT.Mopar.jpg '70.Challenger.Yeah Right!!.jpg
8/8 GDG61 '70 Dodge Power Wagon Black Yellow & Orange Stripes on side Black (Yellow Rim) OR6SP Base code(s): L13, L23 '70 Dodge Power Wagon Mopar Series 2018.jpeg Moparpowerwagon.jpg
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