Released in 2013, the Muscle Mania 5-Pack contains the 5 cars listed below

Muscle Mania 5-Pack (2013)


The Following Castings were in the Muscle Mania 5-Pack (#X9859):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Blown Camaro Grey Unpainted metal Black Gold 5SP Thailand Blown Camaro-2013 5-Pack
'69 Pontiac GTO Metallic Green Black / Plastic Clear Chrome 5SP Thailand '69 Pontiac GTO-2013 5-Pack
2010 Ford Mustang GT Metallic Blue Black / Plastic Clear Black PR5 Red Chrome Rim Thailand 2010 Ford Mustang GT-2013 5-Pack
'70 Plymouth Superbird Orange Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Chrome Orange OH5 Thailand '70 Plymouth Superbird-2013 5-Pack
IROC Firebird Metalic Red Gray / Plastic Clear Gray Yellow Rim PR5 Thailand IROC Firebird-2013 5-Pack

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