• Mutant Machines bend, connect, slither and stretch.
  • Create long Mutant Machine trains by connecting cars to one another.


Col # Year Casting Name Color Tampo Wheel Type Photo
BBY79 2014 Commander Croc Green Orange tampos Chrome Green PR5 & Green MMW MMCommanderCrocBBY79
BBY80 2014 Scorpedo Orange White & Purple tampos Chrome Orange OH5 & Orange MMW MMScorpedoOrange
BBY81 2014 Top Speed GT Red White and Black stripe, number 28 on hood Chrome & Black PR5 & Silver MMW Top Speed GT thumb
BBY82 2014 Flexforce Blue Black and White tampos, number 8 on hood OH5 & Blue MMW Blue Flex Force
BBY83 2014 Street Shark Blue Light Blue and Yellow flames on top Chrome Blue & Transparent Blue OH5 & Dark Blue MMW Street Shark thumb
BBY84 2014 Skullface Clear Black & Red Eyes, Black nostrils, Green tail & Red HW logo on sides Chrome Gold & Clear PR5 & Clear MMW Image Not Available
BBY85 2014 Power Tread Metalflake Red White stripes, Yellow 'HW Tanker' & '68' on sides 5SP & Metalflake Red MMW MMPowerTreadRed
BBY86 2014 Robo Wheels Yellow Purple & Red tampos on top Red Chrome PR5 MMRoboWheelsYellow
BBY87 2014 Commander Croc Silver Black & Yellow panther-like pattern on top Chrome Gold 5SP & Silver MMW CommanderCrocSilver
BBY88 2014 Scorpedo Black Red tampos Black OH5, Black MMW & Red OH5 Black Scorpedo
BBY89 2014 Top Speed GT Light Green Black Stripes Chrome Green OH5 & Silver MMW MMTopSpeedGTGreen
BBY90 2014 Flexforce Yellow Black and Green tampos Chrome Yellow 5SP & Yellow MMW MMFlexforceYellow
BBY91 2014 Street Shark Gold Black & Orange Tiger stripe tampos Black PR5 w/ Orange Chrome rims MMStreetSharkGold
BBY92 2014 Skullface Blue Black & Yellow Eyes, Black nostrils, Black scales on rear Black OH5 w/ Red Chrome rims MMSkullfaceBlue
BBY93 2014 Power Tread White Black & Red flames, Red 'HW Tanker' & '11' on sides Red Chrome 5SP MMPowerTreadWhite
CDX96 2014 Buzzerk Orange Yellow & Black caution tampos OH5 123310121G1
CGM81 2014 Cyborg Crusher Silver Red eyes & stripes Red OH5 w/ Chrome rims (Back) & OH5 (Front) Mattel-cgm81-mutant-cyborg-crusher-700x700
CGM82 2014 Rattle Roller Rust Orange Beige scale & rattle tampos Black OH5 w/ Chrome rims 122775103G1
CGM83 2014 Centi Speeder Blue & Yellow Yellow Black PR5 w/ Red Chrome rims 122775120G1
CGM84 2014 Nitro Scorcher Red Blue & White tampos 5SP Mutant-Machines-Hot-Wheels---Nitro-Scorcher---Mattel-5229180


  • Mutation Lab
  • 3-in-1 Slither Side
  • Snare Dare
  • City Attack



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