Replacing the Vintage Racing line from 2011, the All-New 2012 NHRA Championship Drag Racing line featured a variety of vehicles with retro-inspired racing graphics.

NHRA Championship Drag Racing

The Following Castings were in the NHRA Championship Drag Racing Line:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo (loose) Photo (carded)
W8311 '74 Chevy Vega Pro Stock Blue IMG 2807c 1000 IMG 2805a1000
W8309 Morris Wagon Brown IMG 2814c 1000 IMG 2804a1000
W8310 Pass'n Gasser Purple DSCN3318-1- Image Not Available
W8312 '73 Plymouth Duster Dark Red Image Not Available '73 Plymouth Duster
W8308 Mongoose Duster Red Image Not Available Mongoose Duster
W8307 Snake Cuda Yellow Image Not Available
Snake Cuda
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