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Nathan Proch is Hot Wheels Designers from 1998-2006, his Good friend of Phil Riehlman, but on 2006 he retire from Designers hot wheels and take another job, Nathan Favorite Hot Wheels Is  Deora II because his favorite hot wheels is Original Deora design by Harry Bradley, also Nathan Design many Super Cars likes Jet Threat 3.0 also phil design Jet Threat 4.0 for Tribute Nathan, Tee'd Off also phil design Tee'd Off 2 for Nathan Tribute too, Tow Jam is Nathan inspiration from Larry Ramblin Wrecker but with Six Wheeler, Anthracite is younger Brother of Sling Shot design by Nathan too, and Last Design is Bon Voyage as last design of Nathan to Leave mattel.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
1998 Express Lane 1998 First Editions 37/40 FE Express Lane
1998 Tow Jam 1998 First Editions 35/40 Track Set Towjam
1999 Fore Wheeler 1999 First Editions 9/26 Teed Off WhtGry
2000 Deora II 2000 First Editions 5/36 Originals Deora II
2001 Jet Threat 3.0 2001 First Editions 22/36 Jet Threat 3.0
2002 Sentinel 400 Limo w/Syd Meade 2002 First Editions 42/42 Sentinel AGENTAIR 1
2002 Sling Shot 2002 First Editions 38/42 FE Sling Shot
2004 16 Angels 2004 First Editions 35/100 Heat Fleet 16 Angels
2004 Jack Nabbit Special : Fatbax 2004 First Editions 92/100 Jack Nabbit Special NathanP
2004 Out-A-Line : Blings 2004 First Editions 40/100 Out A Line
2005 RD-10:raceing drones AcceleRacers 8/9 Image Not Available
2005 Anthracite : Silencerz AcceleRacers 3/9 Anthricite-silver-cm6
2005 Paradigm Shift : X-Raycers 2005 First Editions 52/60 FE Paradigm Shift
2006 Bon Voyage 2006 First Editions 24/38 FE Bon Voyage
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