Released in 2004, the Night Breed 5-Pack featured 4 tuner cars & 1 pro-stock car with satin paint jobs. Below are the 5 cars in this 5-Pack. All the graphics were designed by Mike McClone.

   IMG 1563.jpg


The Following Cars were in the Night Breed 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Ford Focus Satin Red Black Plastic Dark Tint Back Chrome 5SP China Ford Focus - Night Breed 5-Pack.jpg
24/Seven Satin Green Black Yellow Tint Black Gold PR5 China 24Seven - Night Breed 5-Pack.jpg
Flight '03 Satin Orange Unpainted Metal Dark Tint Gray Red 10SP China Flight 03 - 04 Night Breed 5PK copy.jpg
Toyota Celica Black/Satin Blue Black Plastic Orange Tint Gray Orange PR5 China Celica - 04 Night Breed 5-Pack.JPG
Nissan Skyline Satin Anti-Freeze Gray Plastic Tinted Black Chrome PR5 China Nissan Skyline - Night Breed 5-Pack.jpg
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