The Nitrobot Attack 5-Pack (CDT15) was released in 2015.

IMG 2218


The following castings were in the Nitrobot Attack 5-Pack (CDT15):

Casting Name Tampo Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Yur So Fast Metallic Purple Multiple orange stripes on sides Black / Plastic Orange Black Black, Gray PR5's CDT15 Thailand Base code(s): H32 8350988-1--yur-so-fast.313
Side Draft Dark Red Yellow and Green Flames designs Black/ Plastic Green Black OH5 CDT15 Thailand Base code(s): H22
Updated tooling
20160424 002958
Teegray Gray Yellow Lightning Bolts Black / Metal Yellow Black Black, Yellow 10SP CDT15 Thailand Base code(s): H32 20160424 002913
Metaloid Black Silver, Blue, and Light Blue tampos Blue / Plastic Blue Chrome Silver, Light Blue OH5 CDT15 Thailand Base Code(s): H32 MetaloidAttack
Technetium Green Light Green, Yellow, and Hot Wheels Logos tampos, "Technetium" Metallic Silver / Plastic Yellow Chrome Gold PR5's CDT15 Thailand Base Code(s): H31 TechnetiumAttack
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