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The Off Road 4x4 5-pack was released in 1998, featuring the following vehicles.

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Path Beater Black Red, White "Mad Dog Racing" "1", Yellow mud on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Green ORSB Pathbeater black5pack.JPG
Hummvee White / Plastic Black stripes with Red and Yellow "Jungle Racer" on sides Black / Metal Red None ORSB Humvee offraod4x4.JPG
Gulch Stepper Yellow Purple, Black, White "GULCH STEPPER" on sides Unpainted / Metal Black None ORSB Gulchstepper offraod4x4.JPG
Roll Patrol Light Blue Dark Blue, White "Roll Patrol" Unpainted / Metal Black Tint Black ORSB Rollpatrol offroad4x4.JPG
Bronco 4-Wheeler Red Black & White native art on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Black ORSB Bronco-4-Wheeler RedWht.JPG