Off-Road Trucks is the third mix of the 2019 Walmart Themed Automotive assortment.


No. Toy # Casting Name Color Tampo Base Material & Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Notes Photo Photo Card
1/6 FYY68 Dune Crusher White Sponsors Logos, '68' on sides Unpainted/


None Tan Red Rim, Brown OR5SP Base code(s): L43, L51 FYY68 Dune Crusher.jpg FYY68DuneCrusher.jpg
2/6 FYY70 Custom Ford Bronco Gray White, Black and Green Stripes + number "6" on sides and hood Tan /


Black Green Rim, Tan OR6SP Base code(s): L51 Custom Ford Bronco. 2019 Baja Series. 2.jpg Custom Ford Bronco. 2019 Off Road Trucks.jpg
3/6 FYY71 Jeep Scrambler Olive Green White Checkers, 'Jeep', '040', orange stripe on sides Tan / Plastic Clear Yellow Black rim, Brown BAJA5 Base code(s): L51 Jeep Scrambler. 2019 Off Road Trucks Perpective.jpg Jeep Scrambler. 2019 Off Road Trucks 1.JPG
4/6 FYY72 Baja Truck Orange '33' on sides and bonnet, black stripe on sides and roof Brown / Plastic None Black Chrome Orange rim, Brown BAJA5 Base code(s): L51 FYY72 Baja Truck.jpg Baja Truck. 2019 Off Road Trucks.jpg
5/6 FYY73 Subaru BRAT Red Black and yellow stripes on sides and hood, '#200', 'Subaru', 'HWGRFX' and sponsors on sides Chrome / Plastic Tinted (black) Black Black Rim, Brown 5SP Base code(s): L51, M01 B.R.A.T. Off Road Trucks.2019.Red.jpg IMG 2818.JPG
6/6 FYY74 Baja Bone Shaker Blue White stripes, '13' on sides Brown / Plastic None Chrome Gold Rim, Brown OR6SP Base code(s): L51, M04 BajaBoneShaker-2019-ORT.jpg Baja Bone Shaker. 2019 Off Road Trucks.jpg
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