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Olds Aurora GTS-1
Debut Series 1999 First Editions
Produced 1999 - Present
Designer Mark Jones
Number 21058
Olds Aurora GTS-1 - 99FE whiteblue

This casting is also referred to as the Olds Aurora GT3.


The Olds Aurora GTS-1 has come out in the following 1:64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
911 1999 1999 First Editions #5 White/Blue Hot Wheels Race Team Logos, "11", "LEADING THE WAY", Oldsmobile Logo, Various Sponsor Logos. Black / Plastic Clear Black Gold LW 21058 Malaysia Black Wing Olds Aurora GTS-1 - 99FE whiteblue
911 1999 First Editions Silver Black and Blue "Hot Wheels" logo front and side "1" Black / Plastic Clear Black Gold LW Malaysia Oldauroragts1.grey
911 1999 First Editions Red 1999 911 First Editions 05-26 Olds Aurora GTS-1
108 2000 Mainline Yellow Black, Blue "Hot Wheels" logo front and side "1" Yellow / Plastic Clear Grey SB China Oldauroragts1
175 2000 Mainline Pearl orange Blue and Black "Hot Wheels" logo front and side "1" Black / Plastic Blue Tint Black LW China
064 2001 Anime Light Blue Black, Red and Silver Black / Plastic Clear Black PR5 China
073 2003 Anime Series Flat Dark Green Anime-styled Samurai figure Kanji "速!" Meaning 'Fast'in Japanese. Blue, White, Red and Black Black / Plastic Green tint Red Blue PR5 57210 China
N/A 2003 Hall of Fame - Milestone Moments White/Dark Blue Hot Wheels Race Team logos, "11", "Leading The Way", Oldsmobile logo and various sponsor logos Black / Plastic Clear Black GDDRR B0946 Malaysia Blue Wing Olds Aurora GTS-1 - 03HOF
5pk 2000 Powershift Garage Green metallic purple/white/silver/black tampos black clear purple 3sp Thailand purple wing Olds Aurora GTS-1 Powershift garage 5-pack car 2001
5pk 2009 Volcano Shooters Orange metallic pink/white/black tampos black clear black LW Thailand
Olds Aurora GTS-1 2009 24
N/A 2012 Hot Wheels Racing 2012 Muscle White/Dark Blue Hot Wheels Race Team "12", "74 Ranch Resort" logo on roof Unpainted Metal Clear Gray GoldRR8SP W8317 Thailand Base Code(s): D51 IMG 3205c1000


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