PR5 or Phil Riehlman 5-Spoke is a line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types.

This wheel type is named after its designer: Phil Riehlman. The wheel debuted in the year 2000.

Full-rim colored PR5

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
PR5 PR5 PR5 2000-present
Wheels AGENTAIR 100 CGPR5 Chrome Green PR5 2003-present Used in 2003 Serpent Cyclone 5-Pack.
Wheels AGENTAIR 57 CRPR5 Chrome Red PR5 ? Used in Heat Fleet 5 Pack.
Wheels AGENTAIR 19 CBPR5 Chrome Blue PR5
2012-LightBlue-PR5 CLBPR5 Chrome Light Blue PR5 2012-present Used in 2012 Fast Fish City Stunts.
Wheels AGENTAIR 36 CPPR5 Chrome Purple PR5
Wheels AGENTAIR 97 WPR5 White PR5
Wheels AGENTAIR 15 OPR5 Orange PR5
PR5, Grey GPR5 Grey PR5 2013 - present Used on 2013 Batman - The Dark Knight GPD Police Ford Fusion.
Used on 2019 Golf MK 2
ScPR5 ScPR5 Screamin' PR5 Makes a "screaming" sound when it is running on hot wheels track.
Chrome Orange PR5 COPR5 Chrome Orange PR5 2013- present) Used on the 2014 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34).
Black PR5 BPR5 Black PR5 (at least) 2015 - present Used on the 2015 Corvette C7.R.
Chrome Gold PR5 CGPR5 Chrome Gold PR5 (at least)

2015 - present

Used on the 2015 Steer Clear.

Chrome & Yellow PR5

(at least)

2013 - present

Used on the 2013 Surfin' School Bus.
BYPR5 BYPR5 Black & Yellow PR5 2017 Used on the 2017 Volkswagen Golf Mk7.
GRPR5 GRPR5 Gold & Red PR5 2018 Used on the 2018 Ratical Racer Treasure Hunt Version.
BWPR5 BWPR5 Blue & White PR5 2018 Used on the 2018 '16 Ford Focus RS.

Outer-rim colored PR5

WLPR5 - 4708bf WPR5 White & Black PR5 2009-present Used on the Nissan Silvia S15, from the 2009 Grafitti Rides 5-Pack.
Yellow & Black PR5 YPR5 Yellow & Black PR5 (at least) 2014-present Used on the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia and 2014 Custom '12 Ford Mustang from the Mustang 50 Years series.
GPR5 Grey & Black PR5 Used on the 2016 Ford GT Race.
COPR5 wheel
COPR5 Chrome Orange & Black PR5 Used on the 2016 Ford GT LM.
Chrome Red & Black PR5 CRPR5 Chrome Red & Black PR5 Used on the 2015 Ford Mustang GT Concept.
CBPR5 Chrome Blue & Black PR5 Used on '07 Ford Shelby GT-500.
Chrome Green & Black PR5
CGPR5 Chrome Green & Black PR5 Used on the 2016 version of Maximum Leeway.
Chrome & Black PR5 CBPR5 Chrome & Black PR5 (at least) 2014-present Used on the 2014 version of the Scion FR-S.
PR5 3
CGPR5 Chrome Gold & Black PR5 Used on the Lamborghini Estoque.
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