Paul DeLorean, nephew of the famous John DeLorean (founder of DeLorean Motor Company), worked as a Hot Wheels Designer for two years from 2012 to 2014. Over his time at Hot Wheels, he designed 10-15 Hot Wheels vehicles including the ones listed below. Category:Paul Delorean Designs

1/64 Scale


Casting Name

Debut Series

Toy Number


2012 2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2012 New Models V5312 Volkswagen Beetle 2013-1
2012 '78 Dodge Li'l Red Express Pickup 2012 New Models V5322 78 dodge lil red express pickup 2012 red
2012 Bane DC Character Cars W4518 Bane2
2012 Mr. Freeze DC Universe W9219 0909-mrfreeze-copy
2012 4ward Speed Team Hot Wheels - High-Speed Wheels! X0131 2012-HSW-4wardSpeed-Black
2013 Cloud Cutter HW Stunt - Stunt Circuit X1647 Cloud Cutter-GREY
2014 Wolverine Marvel Character Cars BDM81 Wolverine-a
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