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[[File:Pharodox_Bottom.jpg|thumb|168px|The rotating bottom piece as shown on the Pharodox from the Wall Tracks 5-Pack. It has the Hot Wheels logo on it.]]
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[[Category:Unlicensed Hot Wheels]]
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[[Category:Hot Wheels Original Designs]]

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Debut Series 2006 First Editions
Produced 2006-
Designer Fraser Campbell
Number J3251


Pharodox is a car designed to look Ancient Egyptian. It has a very smooth hood, and a triangular grille. It has a headlight on either side of the grille. Pharodox has a cockpit shaped like an Ancient Egyptian beard. On the base of the Pharodox, there is a movable piece that will spin over to reveal a hieroglyphic of the Hot Wheels logo.

Deep within the sands of Egypt, a large tomb was found next to the great pyramids. Years of excavation were fruitful when a garage like structure appeared. Inscribed on the large stone door were hieroglyphics translating to "Pharodox". The Pharaoh's greatest treasure was found at last.


The Pharadox has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color / Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
10 2006 2006 First Editions 10/40 Blue / Gold Hood Tampos ZAMAC Bule Chrome OH5 Malaysia FTE Wheels FE Pharodox
109 2007 Track Stars Red / Flame Tampos ZAMAC Yellow Chrome OH5 Malaysia TrackStars Pharodox
N1175 2008 Fright Cars Series 8/8 Gold / Pharaoh Tampos ZAMAC Blue Gold Gold OH5 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Pharodox Fright Cars
L7883 2008 Scary Cars 5-Pack

Gift Pack

Red / Pharaoh Tampos ZAMAC Blue Chrome OH5 Thailand Target Exclusive Pharodox Scary
R9073 2010 X-Raycers Track 5-Pack Yellow Matte Black Tinted OH5 Thailand 2010 5 pack x-Raycers Track Pharadox
W4239 2011 Wall Tracks 5-Pack Purple / Checker Tampos, Yellow stripes ZAMAC Yellow Chrome OH5 Thailand Purple Pharodox
Pharodox Bottom

The rotating bottom piece as shown on the Pharodox from the Wall Tracks 5-Pack. It has the Hot Wheels logo on it.

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