This Hot Wheels Collectibles Set celebrates the roots of racing. On Saturday nights, at regional raceways, local heroes traveled for miles to race on quarter-mile dirt ovals. They would push their sprint cars through hot laps, time trials, and heat races in a grueling process of elimination, during which the fittest and fastest survived to race in the Main Event. Then, with dirt flying, the cars would slide through the turns - the lead changing two or three times within one lap - and then a final sprint to the championship was decided by a... PHOTO FINISH.

The Photo Finish set, which includes '56 Ford Pickup, trailer, and '60s Sprint Car celebrates the guts and glory of sprint car racing at its finest.


The following vehicles were included in the Photo Finish 3-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
'56 Ford Pickup Cream & Red 100 4394
Trailer Red Image Not Available
Sprint Car Cream & Red Image Not Available
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