Piranha Terror
Debut Series Color Shifters Creatures
Produced 2010 - Present
Designer Kevin Cao
Number R1178
Photo 2015-08-15 19-31-29


Piranha Terror has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Purple to Orange to Yellow Metallic Purple Scales on Side Unpainted Metal Purple Bling R1178 Thailand Piranha Terror - CS Creatures
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Purple to Orange to Green Hw logo & Scales on Side Unpainted Metal Orange PR5 R7794 Thailand P140812 20.08 -01-
2011 Color Shifters - Glow Blue Metallic Red PR5 V0576 Thailand Piranha Terror2010
5pk 2011 Creature Cars Dark Green Green & Orange tampos Lime Green PR5 T8631 Thailand Piranha Terror 2011 CC 5 (800x600)
2012 Color Shifters X-Rays Series Metallic Orange

PR5 Rin Dorado

Thailand Base Code(s): Piranha Terror2012
5pk 2014 Monster Mission Purple Green / Metal Purple 5SP BFB37 Thailand Base Code(s): G43 PirahnaTerror
038 / 250 2015 HW City Street Beasts
Pearl Red Yellow, Orange, & Blue deco on sides Yellow / Metal Chrome Blue & Transparant OH5SP CFH60 Malaysia First time in the mainline

Treasure Hunt
Base code(s): H13, H15

HW Piranha Terror TH15 sc
5pk 2016 Street Beasts Blue Magenta, Yellow & Orange deco on sides Orange / Metal Light Blue OH5 w/ Magenta Chrome rims/spokes DJD24 Malaysia Base Code(s): J15 PiranhaTerrorDJD24
278 / 365 2017 Street Beast
Blue Green, Yellow, & Black design on sides Green / Metal Gold & Yellow OH5 DTY53 Malaysia Base Code(s): K16 Piranha-Terror-e
114 / 365 2018 Street Beast
Green Yellow, Orange and Black Patterns on sides. HW Logo on sides. Orange / Metal Red PR5
with yellow spokes
FJX41 Malaysia Base Code(s): K46 PIRANHA TERROR FJX41
178 / 250 2019 Street Beasts
FYD44 Base Code: 2019 Hot Wheels Piranha Terror


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