Released in 2007, the Police Patrol 5-Pack contains the 5 cars listed below

Police Patrol

Included cars

The following castings were in the Police Patrol 5-Pack (#BFB38):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Ford Mustang GT Concept Grey State Trooper tampos Black / Plastic Tinted Black Y5 China DSCN3359-1-
Ford Fusion Black Black, Gold, Light Blue and White "Police" tampos on sides Gold / Plastic Blue Tint Black Gold PR5 China Image has custom details Hot wheels ford fusion police 5
Zotic Gold Black, Silver, and Light Blue Tampos Black / Plastic Blue Tint Chrome 3SP China DSCN3352-1-
Pit Cruiser Black White / Blue Police Tampos Unpainted / Metal N/A Grey MC3 China  Image Not Available
Armored Truck Dark Blue Yellow, Black & Silver 'SWAT' tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Yellow White 5SP China C24 164 Hot Wheels Armored Truck 2007 Police Patrol 5 Pack (1)
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