Released in 1998, the Police Squad 5-Pack contains the 5 cars listed below

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This 5-pack could have one of three cars for the fifth car: Alien or GM Ultralite or Escort Rally

Included cars

The following castings were in the Police Squad 5-Pack (#BFB38):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Hydroplane White Black Plastic Black Tint Chrome tiny rollers Hydroplane WhtBlk
Police Cruiser Navy Navy Plastic Grey Tint Grey 5SP Police Cruiser Blu
Blown Camaro Black Unpainted/Metal Smoke Tan 5SP 80s Camaro Cop
Oldsmobile Aurora White Blue Plastic Blue Tint Blue 5SP Oldsmobile Aurora Wht
Escort Rally Black Black Plastic Blue Tint Grey LW Escort Rally Blk
GM Ultralite White White Plastic Black None 3SP GM Ultralite 3spTampo
Alien super rare Image Not Available

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