The Target stores exclusive Pop's Garage Set set was released in 2002

2002 PopsGarage


When people say that a particular trait runs in the family, they could be referring to the love of cars shared by fathers and their families. Indeed, there is a special bond created when dads, kids, and cool cars are in the same vicinity. Whether it is the mutual appreciation of a body style or adding a special camshaft to the engine of the family car, fathers and their kids have come together on these projects for decades.

In celebration of this special bond we offer Pop's Garage, which includes dad's Deuce Roadster, mom's 1971 Plymouth GTX, son's Hooligan, and sis's Honda Civic. This Target exclusive set proves that not only is blood thicker than water, it's almost as thick as 10W30.


The Following Castings were in the Pop's Garage set (#56149):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Honda Civic Si (2001) Metallic Purple Black / Plastic Dark tinted Black PR5 Malaysia CivicSI2001 PopsGarage
Hooligan Satin Rust Red (Primer Red) Unpainted / Metal N/A Black White Wall CDDRR Malaysia Hooligan PopsGarage
Deuce Roadster Blue Unpainted / Metal Clear Orange 5SP Malaysia DeuceRoadster PopsGarage
'71 Plymouth GTX Red Chrome / Plastic Black Dark tinted CDDRR Malaysia 71PlymouthGTX PopsGarage
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