Mini Cooper Pop-Offs

Pop-Offs Series

Released in 2007, the Pop-Offs Series featured 4 Hot Wheels cars that the body completely comes off the chassis by simply pushing back the lever on the rear of the base to allow the body to Pop-Off.

Below the 2007 Pop-Offs Series are other Pop-Offs that came out in Hot Wheels.


Toy # Col. # Casting Series Series # Photo
K7554 037/180 Morris Mini Pop-Offs 1/4 Mini - PopOffs
K7555 038/180 Hyperliner Pop-Offs 2/4 Hyperliner blk
K7556 039/180 Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Pop-Offs 3/4 New Beetle Cup Pop Offs Yellow 10SP
K7557 040/180 Ground FX Pop-Offs 4/4 Ground FX Green
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