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Power Rangers Megaforce is a line of specially designed vehicles to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers. In this line, there are vehicles that are designed after a specific character in the current Megaforce series. Wave 1 includes 5 new designs as well as one specially decorated Drift King.

Similar to the DC Comics line, these vehicles are representations of the Zords from the show, not actually vehicles in the show.

There was also a playset to go along with these.  The playset features the Mega Strike Racer.


Here are the cars to be featured in the 2013 edition of the line.

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Variations/Notes Loose Photo Carded Photo
Y0750 Blue Ranger - Shark Zord Blue/ Silver Chome OH5 2013-PowerRangers-BlueRanger-SharkZord 2013-PowerRangers-BlueRanger-Carded

Yellow Ranger - Tiger Zord

Yellow/ Silver pretend tread instead of wheels 2013-PowerRangers-YellowRanger-TigerZord YellowRanger-TigerZord-Carded
Y0752 Black Ranger - Snake Zord Black/ Silver Chrome PR5 2013-PowerRangers-BlackRanger-SnakeZord BlackRanger-SnakeZord-Carded
Y0753 Red Ranger - Dragon Zord

Red/ Silver/ Gold

Gold OH5 2013-PowerRangers-RedRanger-DragonZord 2013-PowerRangers-RedRanger-Carded
Y0754 Pink Ranger - Phoenix Zord Pearl White/Pink/Grey Chome OH5 2013-PowerRangers-PinkRanger-PhoenixZord 2013-PowerRangers-PinkRanger-PhoenixZord-Carded
Y0755 Robo Knight - Lion Zord Matte Black Red Rimmed Chome OH5 2013-PowerRangers-RoboKnight-LionZord 2013-PowerRangers-RoboKnight-Carded
Y0756 Vrak - Alien Cyborg Blue Blue OH5 Image Not Available Y0756
Y0757 Mega Strike Racer - 20th Anniversary Vehicle Red White 5SP Drift King 2013-PowerRangers-MegaStrikeRacer 2013-PowerRangers-MegaStrikeRacer-Carded
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