The Premium Collector Set assortment is an adult collector-focused premium set consisting of 4 vehicles in diorama-style packaging. All vehicles feature Real Riders wheels, diecast bodies and chassis.


Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Boxed
GMH40 Datsun 510 Wagon Light Green Red (Chrome Rim) C4SPRR Base Code(s): M46, M50 2020NissanSetDatsun510
GMH40 Nissan Fairlady Z White White RR6SPM Base Code(s): M46, M50 2020NissanSetfairlady
GMH40 Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX Magenta Gold (Chrome Rim) MiniC4SP Base Code(s): M46, M50 2020NissanSetlaurel
GMH40 Aero Lift White Black (Chrome Rim) RR8SP Base Code(s): M46, M50 2020NissanSetAerolift

Fast & Furious

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Boxed
GMH41 Volkswagen Jetta MK3 White White RR6SPM Base Code(s): N20 8393238c55b4e0644542b45848bd572
F&F Premium Collector Set
GMH41 '70 Dodge Charger R/T Black RR5SP Base Code(s): N20 33943bd52fd04d3e7278b0700353605
GMH41 Toyota Supra Orange Gray RR6SPM Base Code(s): N20 021978e2835655bb1366780ff3d1284
GMH41 Carry On Red SRR Base Code(s): N20 24dcc3e55ed2e97aa771b722158ddf8

Black Hole Gassers

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Boxed
'66 Chevy Super Nova Black Black RRDragS / Mini RR5SP Base Code(s): 71041MjI2ML. AC SL1500
71to9z-iSJL. AC SL1500 (1)
'55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser Black RR5SP / Black RR5SP Base Code(s): 71SIenZmEHL. AC SL1500
'65 Mercury Comet Cyclone Black Base Code(s): 71QvvM+KpBL. AC SL1500
Retro Rig Black RRPrf Base Code(s): 71uBtQWmOjL. AC SL1500

Car Culture

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Boxed
Jaguar Lightweight E-Type ZAMAC SRR Base Code(s): Defc7a542b06fe78de13d2d2c396b8f
Porsche 917KH Sky Blue + Orange Black RR5SPM Base Code(s): Db03dc174794bdd40f29225ae95c488
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Grey Black SRR Base Code(s): 70ec2f1770b093a54b54f111bd6c6f7
Carry On RRMAG Base Code(s): 6c2037b61be582bffca73a0d8eda03a
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