Propper Chopper
Debut Series Mainline
Produced 1990 - Present
Designer Larry Wood
Number 9112
Propper Chopper Wht


In 2015 the Propper Chopper has a slight casting change: the helicopter blades are now one plastic piece instead of two plastic pieces that had to be unfolded. The tail is also not extendable anymore.


The Propper Chopper has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Blade Color Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
86 1990 Mainline White Red, Blue "NEWSCHOPPER", Yellow "2" Blue / Plastic Clear Blue Blue Grey 9112 Malaysia With Yellow Triangle Image Not Available
86 1990 Mainline White Red, Blue "NEWSCHOPPER", Yellow "2" Blue / Plastic Clear Blue Blue Grey 9112 Malaysia Propper Chopper Wht
185 1992 Mainline White Red, Black, Yellow "POLICE", "UNIT 45" Black / Plastic Clear Blue Black Grey 0492 Malaysia Propper Chopper WhtGry
325 1995 Silver
Chrome Red, Black, Yellow "POLICE", "UNIT 45" Black / Plastic Clear Blue Black Grey 13312 Malaysia Propper Chopper Crm
5pk 1996 Baywatch White Black, yellow, Red "BAYWATCH" Orange / Plastic Tinted Orange Orange 13505 Malaysia Propper Chopper WhtOrg
414 1996 Street Eaters
Blue Orange, Red, White, teeth and eyes Orange / Plastic Clear Blue Orange Blue 15260 Malaysia Propper Chopper BluStrBst
185 1997 Mainline Yellow Red, White, "RESCUE", Black, "SEARCH + RESCUE" Black / Plastic Black unseen Black 0492 Malaysia Propper Chopper YelBlk
5pk 1997 Rescue Squad Yellow Red, White, "RESCUE", Black, "SEARCH + RESCUE" Red / Plastic Black unseen Black 17489 Thailand HW Propper Chopper
5pk 1997 Police Force White Red, Black, Gold "POLICE" Black / Plastic Clear Blue Black Black 17461 Malaysia Propper Chopper WhtBlk
5pk 1997 Action News Team Blue Red, White, yellow, "ACTION NEWS" Black / Plastic Clear Blue Black Black 17456 Malaysia Propper Chopper Blu
950 1999 Street Art
Met. Green Black, Green, Gold "HOT WHEELS" Black / Plastic Yellow tint Black Black 21109 Malaysia Propper Chopper Grn
1999 Sky Search Action Pack Blue White, Gold, Black "POLICE" Black / Plastic Clear Blue Black Black 18735 China Propper Chopper BlueGld
198 1998 Mainline Blue White, Gold, Black "POLICE" Black / Plastic Clear Blue Black Black 19967 China Propper Chopper BlueGld
241 2000 Mainline Black Red, Yellow, Blue and White tampos'Sky Spy' Maroon Clear Blue Maroon Maroon 29298 Malaysia Propper Chopper black 2000 mainline sky spy
009 2000 Seein' 3-D
Red Silver, Yellow, Black, and White tampos with "Unit 3" on sides Black Clear Yellow Black Yellow 26008 Malaysia Propperchopper
2000 Pro Racing Dark Blue "33 Oakwood Homes Racing", Blue, White, Red Stripe. White Smoked White Black 27723 Thailand Propper33
N/A 2000 Pro Racing Black "99 Exide Racing", Blue, White & Purple Black Smoked Black Black 27724 Thailand Propper99
N/A 2000 Pro Racing Black "22 Caterpillar Racing". Red, White Yellow Smoked Yellow Yellow 27725 Thailand Propper22
N/A 2000 Pro Racing Dayglo Orange "32 Tide Racing", Yellow & Blue White Smoked White Black 27726 Thailand Propper32
068 2001 Rod Squadron
Blue 222, Sky Hogs, The sky is falling, Pig logo, 7-SK-DCS BRAVO. HW Logo, all In yellow on sides Black Clear Black  Yellow 50103 Malaysia IMG 2244 24
111 2002 Fed Fleet
Black Customs Service Black / Plastic Clear Red Black 54407 Malaysia Cargxcv (37)
2002 Pavement Pounders Black Pavement Pounder 47034 Car
N/A 2006 Truckin' Transporters Blue White, Black, & Red tampos Black / Plastic Black J6519 Thailand Propper Chopper CIMG1583
5pk 2006 Aerial Attack Yellow "Stinger" Black, White bee Black Clear Blue Black Black J3300 China DSC00776
5pk 2008 Desert Race 1000 IMG 4119 24
5pk 2009 HW City Works Metalflake Blue Light blue, black & white tampos, flames, "Rescue", "09", "Medical Emergency", "9112" Grey Black Unseen Light Grey N4072 Thailand Base code(s): B03
2009 Military Rods 6/26 Dark Sea Green Black, Dark Green, White and Light Green tampos with, Dark Green "Air Defense", and Black "U.S. Army" on sides Black Tinted Black Grey N9805 Thailand Propper Chopper Military Rods
183 (USA) / 181 (INT) 2010 Race World City
Green White, Orange and Black "City of Hot Wheels" "Airlift" Black / Plastic Dark tint Black Black R7612 Malaysia Base code(s): C15 PropperChopper RWCity green
5pk 2011 Desert Race yellow Blue/Black/Silver Graphics, "Race Patrol Official", HW Logo, "HW Jet Scout III", "X56988 Black / Plastic Clear Blue Black / Plastic Black T8639 Thailand Base code(s): IMG 1512
5pk 2012 Jungle Rally W4250 Base code(s): Image Not Available
2012 Transport Hauler: Roll Patrol Blue Orange and White stripes, Hot Wheels Police Dept badge, silver "POLICE", three Silver stars, sliver and orange flames, "Unit 34" White/Plastic Tinted Tan Black L5238 Malaysia Base code(s): E29
042 / 250 2013 HW City City Works 02/10 Blue "Channel 68 news", HW Log Yellow / Plastic Clear Yellow / Plastic Red X1694 Malaysia Base code(s): Propper Chopper-2013 042
52 2015 HW City Rescue
White Red, Blue & Black designs, 'RSQ SCOUT', 'TEAM 3', HW Logo Blue / Plastic Clear Red Blue Red CFH72 Malaysia Base code(s): H05 IMG 1464
52 2015 HW City Rescue
Red Red, Blue & White designs, 'RSQ SCOUT', 'TEAM 3', HW Logo Yellow / Plastic Clear Blue Yellow Blue CFL84 Malaysia Base code(s): H13 PropperChopperCFL84
5pk 2016 Police Pursuit 5-Pack Black Red & White stripes, 'Police', '68' Badge on sides Red / Plastic Clear Blue Red Grey DJD19 Thailand Base code(s): H45, J48 PropperChopperDJD19
041 / 365 2017 HW Rescue
Metalflake Dark Green Black & Yellow, & 'Fire Air Ops' on sides Red / Plastic Tinted (Orange) Red Black DTY01 Malaysia Base code(s): J34 Propper Chopper 2017


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