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Before the days of the internet or digital media, Hot Wheels would promote their line of Hot Wheels by giving posters away. These posters would showcase their respected years mainline series. But because Hot Wheels sent the posters out before the actual mainline hit the stores, the posters would feature numerous of prototype cars, usually in the form of resin casts (or in certain cases an earlier existing release with wheels swapped out to illustrate what they may look like); these illustrate cars that were still being designed and were ultimately never released, cars that were released featuring different colors, tampos or names or were switched out for another car at the last minute.

This article will showcase the posters that showcase these unique prototypes and lists only the cars that feature differences (as listed above) from what was actually released.


The Hoard2.JPG
Series Series # Vehicles Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
1995 Model Series 01/12 Speed Blaster Proto Speed Blaster.JPG Purple Body, Metalflake Purple Interior and PC6 wheels Speed Blaster blu5UH.JPG
1995 Model Series 02/12 Mercedes 500 Proto Mercedes-Benz SL.JPG PC6 Wheels Benzsl red5spk.JPG
1995 Model Series 03/12 '58 Corvette Proto 58 Corvette.JPG Light Blue, White interior. No Exposed engine or Opening Hood. WWBW 58 Vette AGENTAIR 5.jpg
1995 Model Series 04/12 Speedasaurus Proto Speed-A-Saurus.JPG.JPG Darker Green, Slightly different mold dinosaur Speed A-Saurus GrnBW.JPG
1995 Model Series 05/12 Power Pistons Proto Power Pistons.JPG Clear windows and PC6 wheels Power Pistons - 1995 Model Series -5of12 - Copper, 5SP Wheels, Unpainted Base 1b.JPG
1995 Model Series 06/12 Hydroplane Proto Hydroplane.JPG Casting has been altered. Cockpit is up in front with more exposed engines Hydroplane Blu.JPG
1995 Model Series 07/12 Dodge Ram Truck Proto Dodge Ram 1500.JPG Black, Grey windows for Truck and Cab, Black Grille, and PC6 wheels Dodge Ram Grn5sp.JPG
1995 Model Series 08/12 Camaro Convertible Proto Camaro Convertible.JPG Looks like a convertible version of the '93 Camaro instead of a retooled Camaro Convertible. Dark Blue with Black Interior and PC6 wheels Camaro Convertible Grn3SPR.JPG
1995 Model Series 09/12 Power Pipes Proto Power Pipes.JPG Lighter Blue, Dark tinted windows, Grey exhaust, and PC6 wheels Power Pipes Prpl5SP.JPG
1995 Model Series 10/12 MacLaren Prototype Mclaren F1 1995.JPG Replaced by Ferrari F355 Ferrari355 yel5spk.JPG
1995 Model Series 11/12 Power Rocket Proto Power Rocket.JPG Red, No tampo Power Rocket Purpl5SP2.JPG
1995 Model Series 12/12 Snowmobile Proto Big Chill.JPG Red Figurine, Engine slightly retooled. First variations where plain white, but last variation of the 1995 Model Series feature the "Shredder" tampo Big Chill WhtTmp.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 02/12 Gold Fever Proto Thunt passion.JPG Black, Chrome Base, Gold Deep Dish Redline Real Rider wheels Passion AGENTAIR 7.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 03/12 '67 Camaro Proto Thunt camaro.JPG Goodyear Grey Turbine Real Riders wheels instead of Goodyear Deep Dish Real Riders wheels 95 hunt.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 04/12 '57 T-Bird Proto Thunt tbird.JPG Dark Red with Gold Deep Dish Redline Real Rider wheels '57 T-bird MetBlk.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 04/12 '63 Split Window Proto Thunt corvette.JPG Turquoise and used Deep Dish Real Rider instead of Deep Dish Whiteline Real Rider. 358 Treasure Hunt '63 Corvette Split Window.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 07/12 Stutz Blackhawk Proto Thunt stutz.JPG Deep Dish Real Rider wheels instead of Deep Dish Redline Real Rider wheels 359 Treasure Hunt Series Stutz Blackhawk.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 09/12 Classic Caddy Proto Thunt caddy.JPG Body and fenders are the same Olive color ClassicCaddyTH$.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 10/12 Chevy Nomad Proto Thunt nomad.JPG Deep Dish Redline Real Rider wheels instead Turbo Wheels, Black Grille, and Opening Hood Hotwheels 019.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 12/12 '31 Doozie Proto Thunt doozie.JPG Blue Window 364 Treasure Hunt Series '31 Doozie.jpg
Race Team Series 1/4 Chevy Stock Car Proto Race Team lumina.JPG PC6 Wheels Lumina Stocker Blu.JPG
Race Team Series 2/4 Hot Wheels 500 Proto Race Team 500.JPG PC6 Wheels Hot Wheels 500 Blu.JPG
Race Team Series 3/4 Funny Car Proto Race Team side splitter.JPG PC6 Wheels Side-Splitter - 95 Race Team.JPG
Race Team Series 4/4 Sol-Aire CX4 Proto Race Team sol aire.JPG Replaced with Dragster. Oddly Sol-Aire CX-4 did appear as the 5th car in the Hot Wheels Race Team 5-Pack without, the PC6 wheels. Dragster - 95 Race Team.JPG
Krackle Car Series 1/4 Treadator Proto Krackle Tread.JPG Replaced with Sharkruiser Shark Cruiser Krackle.jpg
Krackle Car Series 2/4 Turboa Proto Krackle turboa.JPG Green & Red Krackle, HH Wheels, and Chrome interior Turboa KC7sp.JPG
Krackle Car Series 3/4 Double Demon Proto Krackle double demons.JPG Replaced with Split Window '63 Th 63corvette020.jpg
Krackle Car Series 4/4 Flashfire Proto Krackle flashfire.JPG UH Wheels & Chrome engine. There is a version of Flashfire in the Krackle Car Series with UH Wheels, but the interior is Yellow and the engine is still Pink Chrome. Flashfire PrpOrg.JPG
Steel Stamp Series 1/4 Steel Passion Proto Steel passion.JPG Black, with no tampo, with white interior, & with Gold Deep Dish Redline Real Rider wheels Passion AGENTAIR 30.jpg
Steel Stamp Series 2/4 Zender Fact 4 Proto Steel zender fact.JPG Lime Green with no side tampos Zender Fact 4 SSuh.JPG
Steel Stamp Series 3/4 '56 Flashsider Proto Steel 56 flashrider.JPG Black 56 Flashsider SS.JPG
Steel Stamp Series 4/4 '57 Chevy Proto Steel 57 chevy.JPG This is the 1994 Mainline Collector #213 version in place of the '57 Chevy slot for the Steel Stamp Series series 57 Chevy SSuh.JPG
Pearl Driver Series 1/4 Talbot Lago Peral Proto talbot.JPG Pink with Yellow interior Talbot Lago BluWW.JPG
Pearl Driver Series 2/4 Passion Car Peral Proto passion.JPG Pink Passion AGENTAIR 8.jpg
Pearl Driver Series 4/4 Cybercruiser Peral Proto driver.JPG Replaced with Jaguar XJ220 Jaguar XJ220 - Pearl Driver.JPG
Dark Rider Series 1/4 Splittin' Image II Proto Dark splittin.JPG Has both PC6 and PC5 Wheels Splittin' Image II Blk7SP.JPG
Dark Rider Series 3/4 Silhouette II Proto Dark silo.JPG Has both PC6 and PC5 Wheels Silouette II DkRdrPC.JPG
Roarin' Rods Series 1/4 Street Roader Proto Roarin steet.JPG Full White CT Wheels Street Roader OrgRR.JPG
Roarin' Rods Series 2/4 Roll Patrol Proto Roarin roll.JPG Full Yellow CT Wheels Roll Patrol Jeep CJ RornRdsCT.JPG
Roarin' Rods Series 3/4 Cobra Proto Roarin shelby.JPG BW Wheels Classic Cobra BrtGrn.JPG
Roarin' Rods Series 4/4 Mini Truck Proto Roarin mini truck.JPG Blue Interior, Black base Minitruck TanUH.JPG
Hot Hubs Series 4/4 Quadracer Proto Hot Hubs quadracer.JPG PC6 Wheels Suzuki Quadracer HH.JPG
Speed Gleamer Series 1/4 3 Window '34 Proto Gleamer 34.JPG BW Wheels, Black Hubs, & Black rectangle on roof? 3-Window 34 CrmGrn.JPG
Speed Gleamer Series 2/4 T-Bucket Proto Gleame t bucket.JPG Pink Chrome, BW Wheels T-Bucket Purp.JPG
Speed Gleamer Series 3/4 Ratmobile Proto Gleame ratmobile.JPG Is actually Chrome instead of coming out to look like a real rat in a "Gleamer" series. Ratmobile BlkUH.JPG
Speed Gleamer Series 4/4 TwinMill II Proto Gleame twin mill.JPG Replaced with Limozeen Limozeen GldWW.JPG
"Real Riders" Series 1/4 Dump Truck Proto Real Riders peterbilt.JPG This appears to be the 1989 variation with RR added Peterbilt Dump RR.JPG
"Real Riders" Series 2/4 BMW 850i Proto Real Riders bmw.JPG Replaced with the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. Looks similar to the 1995 variation except with tan interior and RR Wheels Mercedes Benz Unimog RR.JPG
"Real Riders" Series 3/4 Ford Stake Bed Truck Proto Real Riders ford.JPG Replaced with the '59 Caddy. Looks similar to 1993 variation except for the Hot Wheels logo on the roof and the RR Wheels 59 Caddy PnkRR.JPG
"Real Riders" Series 4/4 Porsche Proto Real Riders porsche.JPG Replaced with the Corvette Stingray (1976). Looks similar to 1991 variation except for the RR Wheels Corvette Stingray MtGrnRR.JPG
Silver Series 1/4 Fire Eater Proto Silver Eater.JPG Blue Interior Fire Eater CrmBW.JPG
Photo Finish Series 1/4 Aerostar Proto Photo areostar.JPG Artist drawings on side. Yellow with BW Wheels Ford Aerostar Photo.JPG
Photo Finish Series 2/4 Blimp Proto Photo blimp.JPG Artist drawings on side. Silver & Gondola Silver Blimp PP.JPG
Photo Finish Series 3/4 School Bus Proto Photo bus.JPG Replaced with Tank Truck. Artist drawings on side. Location was suppose to be San Francisco? Tank Truck PF.JPG
Photo Finish Series 4/4 Hiway Hauler Proto Photo hiway.JPG Artist drawings on side. Purple Cab Hiway Hauler PP.JPG
Racing Metals Series 1/4 Off-Road Racetruck Proto Metals truck.JPG Grey Interior Bywayman Crm.JPG
Racing Metals Series 2/4 Ramp Truck Proto Metals Ramp.JPG Pink Chrome with BW Ramp Truck Purp7SP.JPG
Racing Metals Series 3/4 Camaro Proto Metals camaro.JPG UH Wheels Light blue racing metals corvette.jpg
Racing Metals Series 4/4 Dream Car Proto Metals roadster.JPG Replaced by Dragster Dragster CrmBlu.JPG
N/A Splittin' Image Proto Splittin Image 1.JPG Gold Base with Gold RL Wheels, potentially dubious value claims; may have been slated to appear in the Vintage Series Pink Splittin Image Vintage Series.jpg
N/A Splittin' Image II Proto Splittin Image 2.JPG No known version resembles or comes close to what is shown above; likely one-off version painted to resemble a modern rendition of pink Splittin' Image as shown above Splittin' Image II PrplUHpnkWpnkR.JPG


Image Not Available.jpg
Series Series # Vehicles Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
1996 First Editions 1/12 1996 Mustang GT Image Not Available.jpg Burgundy with dark brown interior 1996 Mustang Red5sp.JPG
1996 First Editions 2/12 Chevy 1500 Image Not Available.jpg Red with no tampos Chevy 1500 GrySm5spBlk.JPG
1996 First Editions 3/12 Dodge Charger Daytona Image Not Available.jpg Black with yellow strip on rear and wing 1970 Daytona RedLW.JPG
1996 First Editions 4/12 Street Cleaver Image Not Available.jpg Yellow rear wheels Cleaver 5sp.JPG
1996 First Editions 6/12 VW Bus Image Not Available.jpg Black with slightly different tampo Volkswagon.drag.bus.14912.a-l.jpg
1996 First Editions 7/12 Rocket Shot Image Not Available.jpg Olive with white canopy Road Rocket GrnBluLW.JPG
1996 First Editions 8/12 Turbo Flame Image Not Available.jpg Smaller canopy Turbo Flame Wht.JPG
1996 First Editions 9/12 Radio Flyer Wagon Image Not Available.jpg Red PC6s Radio Flyer RedBW.JPG
1996 First Editions 10/12 Air Attack Image Not Available.jpg What appears to be pilot in cockpit Dofighter RedSB.JPG
1996 First Editions 11/12 Guitar Car Image Not Available.jpg Blue guitars Twang Thang SlvRed.JPG
1996 First Editions 12/12 Ferrari F50 Image Not Available.jpg PC5s Ferrari F50 Spider Red.JPG
Race Truck Series 2/4 Ford LTL 1996 Ford LTL.png Replaced with Kenworth T600 Kenworth T-600 A Slv.JPG
Flamethrower Series 4/4 Oshkosh Snowplow Image Not Available.jpg No snowplow attachment Oshkosh Snowplow BlkCT.JPG
Space Series 3/4 Cyber Cruiser Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Treadator Treadator LtBlu.JPG
Mod Bod Series 2/4 School Bus Image Not Available.jpg Slightly different tampos School Bus Prp.JPG
Mod Bod Series 4/4 Olds 442 Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with '67 Camaro ModBod.jpg
Dark Rider Series II 1/4 Ford Stake Bed Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Big Chill Big Chill Blk.JPG
Splatter Paint Series 1/4 Blown Camaro Image Not Available.jpg Slightly different tampos 80s Camaro wht.JPG
Splatter Paint Series 2/4 Mini Pick Up Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Rescue Ranger Rescue Ranger Org5sp.JPG
Street Eaters Series 2/4 Jet Sweep Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Silhouette II Silouette II PrplStrtEat.JPG
Street Eaters Series 3/4 Speed Seeker Image Not Available.jpg HH wheels, uses old Mantis tooling Speed Machine Grn.JPG
Fast Food Series 1/4 Pizza Pistons Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Pizza Vette Corvette Stingray Pza5sp.JPG
Fast Food Series 4/4 T-Bird Stock Car Image Not Available.jpg HH wheels, slightly different tampos Sweet-Stocker.JPG
Silver Series II 1/4 Old Number 5 Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with '57 Chevy 1957 Chevy Silver.jpg
Silver Series II 3/4 Blimp Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with '40's Woodie Chrome '40's Woodie - 6403df.jpg
Fire Rescue Series 1/4 Flame Stopper Image Not Available.jpg Red lightbar Flame Stopper YelFrRs.JPG
Fire Rescue Series 4/4 Ambulance Image Not Available.jpg Darker green Ambulance Grn7sp.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 1/12 40's Woodie Image Not Available.jpg TWs 40swoody 96TH.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 2/12 Ferrari 250 Image Not Available.jpg Clear windows and headlamps 430 Treasure Hunt Series Ferrari 250.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 3/12 Jaguar XJ220 Image Not Available.jpg Black body with black PC6s 431 Treasure Hunt Series Jaguar XJ220.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 4/12 '59 Caddy Image Not Available.jpg RLDDRRs 432 Treasure Hunt Series '59 Caddy.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 5/12 Dodge Viper RT/10 Image Not Available.jpg Pinstriping reaching down to bumper Viper RT10 - 96TH White.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 6/12 '57 Chevy Image Not Available.jpg No blown engine, TRRs '57Chevy$TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 7/12 Ferrari 355 Image Not Available.jpg Smoke tinted windows 1996THFerrari355.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 8/12 '58 Corvette Image Not Available.jpg Regular DDRRs with no tire line 436 Treasure Hunt Series '58 Corvette.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 9/12 Auburn 852 Image Not Available.jpg Black body Auburn852$TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 10/12 Speedfleet Image Not Available.jpg Smoke tinted windows 10 Trea$ure Hunt 1996 - Lamborghini Countach.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 12/12 '37 Bugatti Image Not Available.jpg Black interior 37BUGATTI.jpg


Image Not Available.jpg
Series Series # Vehicles Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
1997 First Editions 2/12 Ford F-150 Image Not Available.jpg White with tonneau cover, resembles a race truck Ford F-150 Red.JPG
1997 First Editions 4/12 Saltflat Racer Image Not Available.jpg No tampos on front fender Saltflat Racer Red.JPG
1997 First Editions 5/12 '59 Chevy Impala Image Not Available.jpg Purple '59 Chevy Impala Pink.JPG
1997 First Editions 6/12 BMW Z3 Roadster Image Not Available.jpg No tampos, 5DOT wheels BMW M Roadster slv5spR.JPG
1997 First Editions 8/12 '97 Corvette Image Not Available.jpg Black, 5SP wheels 97 Corvette MtGrn.JPG
1997 First Editions 9/12 Scorchin' Scooter Image Not Available.jpg Black with red flame tampos, early type of motorcycle wheel Scorchin' Scooter Prpl.JPG
1997 First Editions 10/12 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Image Not Available.jpg Mercedes-Benz badge on hood Mercedes C-Class - 97FE.jpg
1997 First Editions 11/12 '70 Plymouth Barracuda Image Not Available.jpg No tampos Plymouth.barracuda.1970.16322.a.jpg
1997 First Editions 12/12 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach Image Not Available.jpg Small tampos for reflectors and door handles Lamborghini Countach Yel.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 1/12 '56 Flashsider Image Not Available.jpg No tampos 578 Treasure Hunt Series '56 Flashsider.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 3/12 Mercedes 500 SL Image Not Available.jpg Dark blue Hotwheels 028.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 5/12 GM Lean Machine Image Not Available.jpg Black canopy 1997TH GMLeanMachine.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 6/12 Hot Rod Wagon Image Not Available.jpg HHs Hot rod wagon t hunt.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 7/12 Olds Aurora Image Not Available.jpg No "AURORA" tampo OldsAurora$TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 8/12 Dogfighter Image Not Available.jpg Dark green with gold chrome Dogfighter 97thunt.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 12/12 Rail Rodder Image Not Available.jpg Matte red smokestack and engines RailRodder$TH.jpg
Phantom Racer Series 4/4 Road Rocket Image Not Available.jpg Clear red chassis Road Rocket OrgYel.JPG
Race Team Series III 1/4 Humvee Image Not Available.jpg 5SPs Humvee - Race Team Series 4.jpg
Heat Fleet Series 4/4 Ramblin' Wrecker Image Not Available.jpg 7SPs Rig Wrecker FT5sp.JPG
Biff! Bam! Boom! Series 2/4 Limozeen Image Not Available.jpg 7SPs Limozeen Blu.JPG
Biff! Bam! Boom! Series 3/4 Range Rover Image Not Available.jpg 5SPs Range Rover BBBM.JPG
Speed Spray Series 2/4 Street Roader Image Not Available.jpg Blackened wheels, slightly different tampos, smoke tinted windows Street Roader WhtSS.JPG
Speed Spray Series 3/4 XT-3 Image Not Available.jpg Black canopy and nose XT-3 SpdSpry.JPG
Street Beast Series 1/4 Unimog Image Not Available.jpg Orange ORSBs Mercedes Benz Unimog StrtBst.JPG
Street Beast Series 2/4 Jaguar XJ220 Image Not Available.jpg Slightly different tampos Jaguar XJ220 - Street Beast.JPG
Street Beast Series 3/4 Blown Camaro Image Not Available.jpg Slightly different tampos, blackened SB wheels 80s Camaro StBst.JPG
Street Beast Series 4/4 Corvette Stingray Image Not Available.jpg Slightly different tampos, blackened SB wheels Corvette Stingray StrtBst.JPG
White Ice Series 1/4 Rigor Motor Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Speed Machine Speed Machine Wht.JPG
White Ice Series 3/4 Splittin' Image Image Not Available.jpg Blue canopies and engine Splittin Image II AGENTAIR 6.jpg
Dealer's Choice Series 3/4 Baja Bug Image Not Available.jpg 5DOTs Baja Bug MtRedDC.JPG
Quicksilver Series 3/4 Corvette Stingray Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Ferrari 308 Ferrarri 308 GTB QS.JPG
Rockin' Rods Series 3/4 '56 Flashsider Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Turbo Flame Turbo Flame PrpRR.JPG
Rockin' Rods Series 4/4 Porsche 930 Image Not Available.jpg White Porsche 930 mtGrn.JPG


Image Not Available.jpg
Series Series # Vehicles Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
1998 First Editions 1/40 Escort Rally Image Not Available.jpg Slightly different tampos, 7SPs Escort Rally Wht.JPG
1998 First Editions 5/40 Jaguar XK8 Image Not Available.jpg Silvered headlamps, 5SPs Jaguar XK8 Grn.JPG
1998 First Editions 6/40 Jaguar D-Type Image Not Available.jpg No stripe on front bumper Jaguar D-Type Blu5sp.JPG
1998 First Editions 8/40 '65 Impala Lowrider Image Not Available.jpg Different tampos '65 Chevy Impala Prpl.JPG
1998 First Editions 11/40 Mercedes SLK Image Not Available.jpg No front headlamp inserts Mercedes SLK YelDT.JPG
1998 First Editions 15/40 Pikes Peak Celica Image Not Available.jpg Black bumper and wing 1998-652a-xdroop.jpg
1998 First Editions 16/40 IROC Firebird Image Not Available.jpg Regular 5SPs IROC Firebird Gld.JPG
1998 First Editions 19/40 Panoz GTR-1 Image Not Available.jpg Slightly different tampos Panoz GTR-1 Wht1.JPG
1998 First Editions 27/40 Super Modified Image Not Available.jpg Chromed base and front splitter, red rollcage, 5SPs Super Modified Blk.JPG
1998 First Editions 31/40 Callaway C7 Image Not Available.jpg Silver wing, slightly different wing Callaway C7 Slv.JPG
1998 First Editions 32/40 Chrysler Thunderbolt Image Not Available.jpg Gold Chrysler Thunderbolt Slv.JPG
1998 First Editions 33/40 Bad Mudder Image Not Available.jpg Red interior with blue rear Bad Mudder.JPG
1998 First Editions 34/40 At-A-Tude Image Not Available.jpg Seafoam green body and wing At-A-Tude Blu.JPG
1998 First Editions 38/40 Cat-A-Pult Image Not Available.jpg Older version with closed cockpit Cat-A-Pult Red5sp.JPG
1998 First Editions 40/40 Double Vision Image Not Available.jpg Different tampos Double Vision Red.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 1/12 Twang Thang Image Not Available.jpg Blue guitars Twang Thang - 98TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 10/12 '57 Chevy Image Not Available.jpg Black '57 Chevy - 98TH.jpg
Techno Bits Series 4/4 Radar Ranger Image Not Available.jpg Black with lime green accents Radar Ranger GrnR.JPG
Tropicool Series 1/4 Ice Cream Truck Image Not Available.jpg Different tampos Good Humor Truck Trpcol2.JPG
Tropicool Series 2/4 Baja Bug Image Not Available.jpg SBs Baja Bug TropicoolBgR.JPG
Low 'N Cool Series 1/4 Mini Truck Image Not Available.jpg Regular chrome 3SPs Minitruck YelGld.JPG
Low 'N Cool Series 3/4 '59 Caddy Image Not Available.jpg Maroon 59 Caddy MtRedLnC.JPG
Biohazard Series 3/4 Recycling Truck Image Not Available.jpg Deep yellow Recycling Truck Yel.JPG
Dash 4 Cash Series 1/4 Jaguar XJ220 Image Not Available.jpg 5SPs Jaguar XJ220 - Dash 4 Cash.JPG
Artistic License Series 3/4 Speed Blaster Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with '57 Chevy 57 Chevy Gry.JPG
Mixed Signals Series 1/4 Ambulance Image Not Available.jpg Replaced with Street Roader Street Roader WhtMS.JPG
Flyin' Aces Series 2/4 Dogfighter Image Not Available.jpg Red propeller Dofighter Blk5sp.JPG
Flyin' Aces Series 3/4 Sol-Aire CX-4 Image Not Available.jpg 5DOTs Sol-Aire CX4 - Flyin Aces.jpg
Flyin' Aces Series 3/4 XT-3 Image Not Available.jpg Black XT-3 GryOrg.JPG
Sugar Rush Series 1/4 Mazda MX-5 Miata Image Not Available.jpg Orange 7SPs Mazda Miata Org5sp.JPG
Tech Tones Series 1/4 Buick Wildcat Image Not Available.jpg Red fading to dark red Buick Wildcat TechTns.JPG
Tech Tones Series 2/4 Silhouette II Image Not Available.jpg Indigo fading to violet Silouette II techTones.JPG
Tech Tones Series 3/4 Speed Machine Image Not Available.jpg Orange fading to red Speed Machine Blk.JPG
Tech Tones Series 4/4 Avus Quattro Image Not Available.jpg Dark green fading to black Avus Quattro BlkRd.JPG


1999 Poster.JPG
Series Series # Vehicle Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
1999 First Editions 1/26 1936 Cord 1999 Proto First Cord.JPG Painted window, no HW logo 1936 Cord Red.JPG
1999 First Editions 3/26 '38 Phantom Corsair 1999 Proto First Phantom.JPG Blackwall 5SP, Plastic bumpers? 38 Phantom Corsair Blk.JPG
1999 First Editions 4/26 '70 Chevelle 1999 Proto First Chevelle.JPG Solid Blue color with Blue base, painted windows 70 Chevelle SS Bu.JPG
1999 First Editions 5/26 Olds Aurora GTS-1 1999 Proto First Olds.JPG No wing, painted windows and side rear windows Olds Aurora GTS-1 - 99FE whiteblue.jpg
1999 First Editions 6/26 Monte Carlo Concept Car 1999 Proto First Monte.JPG Solid body (instead of a two peice body), painted windows Monte Carlo Concept - 99FE.jpg
1999 First Editions 7/26 Pontiac Rageous 1999 Proto First Rageous.JPG Solid Red color, Front bumper unpainted, window painted Pontiac Rageous Red.JPG
1999 First Editions 8/26 Semi-Fast 1999 Proto First Semi fast.JPG Yellow cab, different tampos, lack of tampos of bed, diffrent engine, grille is part of the body, 3SP wheels, painted windows Semi-Fast Red.JPG
1999 First Editions 9/26 Tee'd Off 1999 Proto First Teed.JPG White Pillars Teed Off - 99 FE Red Int.JPG
1999 First Editions 10/26 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 1999 Proto First Porsche 911.JPG Silver, no tampos, no wing, 7SPs, painted windows Porsche 911 GT3 Cup SilvYel1.JPG
1999 First Editions 11/26 Fiat 500C 1999 Proto First Fiat.JPG Sealed painted windows Fiat 500 Prp.JPG
1999 First Editions 12/26 Track T 1999 Proto First Track T.JPG Full flame tampo on nose, White interiot TrackT Blk5SP.JPG
1999 First Editions 13/26 Popcycle 1999 Proto First Popcycle.JPG Red, Clear windows, less exhausts Popcycle Prp.JPG
1999 First Editions 14/26 Phaeton 1999 Proto First Phaeton.JPG Resin body, painted windows, no decals, SBs Phaeton Teal.JPG
1999 First Editions 15/26 Screamin' Hauler 1999 Proto First Screamin Hauler.JPG Resin body, clear windows Screamin Hauler Prp.JPG
1999 First Editions 16/26 Ford GT-40 1999 Proto First Ford GT40.JPG Completely different color scheme and tampos, LWs Ford GT-40 Blu.JPG
1999 First Editions 17/26 Jeepster 1999 Proto First Jeepster.JPG Resin body, painted windows, black top with a red roof Jeepster Red.JPG
1999 First Editions 18/26 Turbolence 1999 Proto First Turbolence.JPG Blue, 5SPs Turbolence Blk.JPG
1999 First Editions 19/26 Pikes Peak Tacoma 1999 Proto First Pikes Peak.JPG Extra racing decals on rood and white spoiler, headlights Pikes Peak Tacoma Wht.JPG
1999 First Editions 20/26 Shadow Mk IIa 1999 Proto First shadow.JPG Missing interior and sponsor. Painted front end Shadow Mk IIa - 99FE.jpg
1999 First Editions 21/26 1999 Ferrari 1999 Proto First Ferrari.JPG More well-defined contours, smaller front air intakes 1999-1113a.jpg
1999 First Editions 22/26 '56 Ford Truck 1999 Proto First 56ford.JPG Painted windows, chrome grille, sealed front end '56 Ford Truck FE - 4739ff.jpg
1999 First Editions 23/26 Chrysler Pronto 1999 Proto First pronto.JPG No headlight tampo, Painted windows, smooth roof Chrysler Pronto Org.JPG
1999 First Editions 24/26 Baby Boomer 1999 Proto First baby boomer.JPG Engine part of the base, White top on the cradle, bars are diffrent Baby Bommer BluFlm.JPG
1999 First Editions 25/26 Porsche 911 GT1-98 1999 Proto First porsche 911 gt1.JPG Yellow, no tampos, black windows, headlight tampos, W8SPs Porsche 911 GT1-98 Wht.JPG
1999 First Editions 26/26 Mercedes CLK-LM 1999 Proto First Mercedes.JPG Racing tampos, headlights and grille tampos, "Mercedes-Benz" windshield tampos, W8SPs Mercedes CLK-LM Gry.JPG
Treasure Hunts Series 1/12 Mercedes 540K 1999 Proto Thunt Mercedes.JPG 5DOT Mercedes 540K - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 2/12 T-Bird Stocker 1999 Proto Thunt tbird stocker.JPG Grey interior, sponsors slightly different, GYE10SP T-Bird Stocker - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 3/12 '97 Corvette 1999 Proto Thunt corvette.JPG Dark Purple, 3SPs 97 Corvette - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 4/12 Rigor Motor 1999 Proto Thunt Rigor motor.JPG Dark green with silver 5SP, Clear windows, Chrome exhaust Rigor Motor - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 5/12 Ferrari F512M 1999 Proto Thunt Ferrari.JPG 5SP Ferrari F512M - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 6/12 '59 Chevy Impala 1999 Proto Thunt impala.JPG Indigo, gold interior, diffrent tampos 59 Impala - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 7/12 Hot Wheels 500 1999 Proto Thunt hw 500.JPG Even though named Hot Wheels 500 on poster, the casting used in the poster is the Lola T97. Is replaced with the Hot Wheels 500. Good Year LW wheels. Hot Wheels 500 - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 8/12 Jaguar D-Type 1999 Proto Thunt jaguar.JPG LWs Jaguar D-Type - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 9/12 '34 Ford Delivery 1999 Proto Thunt 32 ford.JPG Maroon fenders, Yellow body, chrome interior 32 Delivery - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 10/12 Hot Seat 1999 Proto Thunt stinker.JPG Red plunger steering wheel Hot Seat - 99TH.jpg
Treasure Hunts Series 12/12 Express Lane 1999 Proto Thunt shopper.JPG Gold metal, Blue sign, chrome 5SP Express Lane - 99TH.jpg
X-Ray Cruiser Series 1/4 Mercedes C-Class 1999 Proto Xray Mercedes.JPG Black, no tampos, yellow interior Mercedes C-Class BlkTmp.JPG
X-Ray Cruiser Series 2/4 Lamborghini Diablo 1999 Proto Xray Lambo.JPG Clear windows, 3SP wheels Lamborghini Diablo mtgrn.JPG
X-Ray Cruiser Series 3/4 '67 Camaro 1999 Proto Xray Camaro.JPG 5SP wheels Xray 3sp.jpg
X-Ray Cruiser Series 4/4 '67 Camaro 1999 Proto Xray Jaguar.JPG Black windows Jaguar XJ220 - X-Ray Cruiser.JPG
Street Art Series 1/4 Mini Truck 1999 Proto Street Art Truck.JPG LWs Minitruck BlkOrg.JPG
Street Art Series 3/4 Ambulance 1999 Proto Street Art Ambulance.JPG Tinted (black) windows, LWs Ambulance Prp5sp.JPG
Street Art Series 4/4 School Bus 1999 Proto Street Art Bus.JPG LWs School Bus Gry.JPG
Pinstripe Power Series 1/4 3-Window '34 1999 Pinstripe Proto 34 ford.JPG LWs 3-Window 34 Prp.JPG
Pinstripe Power Series 3/4 '65 Impala Lowrider 1999 Pinstripe Proto 65 impala.JPG Diffrent side decals, chrome interior, clear windows '65 Chevy Impala Grn.JPG
Pinstripe Power Series 4/4 Auburn 852 1999 Pinstripe Proto auburn.JPG Grey fenders and interior Auburn 852 WhtBlk.JPG
Game Over Series 1/4 GM Lean Machine 1999 Proto Game Over GM Lean.JPG Blue tampos on the side and extra tampos on top GM Lean Machine PrplBlk.JPG
Game Over Series 2/4 Shadow Jet 1999 Proto Game Over Shadow Jet.JPG Blue flame tampo in the front, 5DOTs Shadow Jet Yel5sp.JPG
Game Over Series 3/4 Speed Blaster 1999 Proto Game Over Speed Blaster.JPG Black windows, Black base, 5DOTs Speed Blaster grnsbg.JPG
Game Over Series 4/4 Twin Mill II 1999 Proto Game Over Twin Mill 2.JPG Mislabeled as Twin Mill II on poster with a Silhouette II car with 5DOT wheels, only to be replaced with Twin Mill II Twin Mill II Pnk.JPG
Surf 'N Fun Series 1/4 '40's Woodie 1999 Proto Surf Woody.JPG Orange Woodie, Clear windows Surf'N Fun '40's Woodie - 6399df.jpg
Surf 'N Fun Series 3/4 '55 Chevy 1999 Proto Surf 55 chevy.JPG 5SPs 55 Chevy DkRed.JPG
Surf 'N Fun Series 4/4 Chevy Nomad 1999 Proto Surf Chevy Nomad.JPG Chrome 5SPs Classic -Nomad WhtSF.JPG
X-Treme Speed Series 1/4 Dodge Sidewinder 1999 Proto Xtreme Dodge.JPG Purple interior, 3SPs Dodge Sidwinder Wht5SP.JPG
X-Treme Speed Series 2/4 Callaway C7 1999 Proto Xtreme Callaway.JPG Lighter green, 3SPs Callaway C7 Grn.JPG
X-Treme Speed Series 3/4 Porsche Carrera 1999 Proto Xtreme Porsche.JPG No tampos, 3SPs Porsche Carrera SilvTmp.JPG
X-Treme Speed Series 4/4 BMW M Roadster 1999 Proto Xtreme bmw.JPG Replaced with Mazda MX-5 Miata Mazda Miata Blu.JPG
Sugar Rush Series II 1/4 '70 Roadrunner 1999 Proto Sugar Roadrunner.JPG Black top 70 Roadrunner Yelw.JPG
Sugar Rush Series II 2/4 Jaguar XK8 1999 Proto Sugar Jaguar.JPG Clear windshield, 5DOTs Jaguar XK8 Red.JPG
Sugar Rush Series II 3/4 Pikes Peak Celica 1999 Proto Sugar Pikes.JPG Grey, 5DOTs 1999-971.jpg
Sugar Rush Series II 4/4 Dodge Concept Car 1999 Proto Sugar Dodge.JPG Tinted windshield Dodge Concept Car BabRth.JPG
Mega Graphics Series 1/4 Probe Funny Car 1999 Proto Mega Probe.JPG Clear windows Probe Funny Car LmGrnf.JPG
Mega Graphics Series 2/4 Mustang Cobra 1999 Proto Mega Mustang.JPG 5SPs Mustang Cobra Wht.JPG
Mega Graphics Series 3/4 Turbo Flame 1999 Proto Mega Turbo.JPG Chrome5SPs Mustang Cobra Wht.JPG
Mega Graphics Series 4/4 Firebird Funny Car 1999 Proto Mega Firebird.JPG Light Purple, Chrome 5SPs FireBird Funny 1997 Blk.JPG
Terrorific Series 1/4 At-A-Tude 1999 Proto Terrorific AtaTude.JPG Black windows, Chrome 7SPs At-A-Tude Grn.JPG
Terrorific Series 2/4 Cat-A-Pult 1999 Proto Terrorific CataPult.JPG 7SPs Cat-A-Pult Org.JPG
Terrorific Series 3/4 Sweet 16 II 1999 Proto Terrorific 16.JPG Chrome interior, purple windows Sweet 16 II Blk.JPG
Terrorific Series 4/4 Splittin' Image II 1999 Proto Terrorific Splittin 2.JPG Red windows (not Chrome Red / Pink), 7SPs Splittin Image II AGENTAIR 2.jpg
Classic Games Series 1/4 Super Modified 1999 Proto Classic Games Super Modified.JPG Chrome rollcage, chrome LWs Super Modified Blu.JPG
Classic Games Series 2/4 Silhouette II 1999 Proto Classic Games Silhoutte.JPG Dark blue, LWs, smoke tinted canopy Silouette II ClscGms.JPG
Classic Games Series 3/4 Sol-Aire CX-4 1999 Proto Classic Games Sol Aire.JPG Smoke tinted canopy, LWs Sol-Aire WhCG.JPG
Classic Games Series 4/4 Escort Rally 1999 Proto Classic Games Escort.JPG Black windshield and Smoke tinted wing Escort Rally Red.JPG
Car-Toon Friends Series 2/4 XT-3 1999 Proto Cartoon XT3.JPG Extra Rocky decals on body, base, and spoiler, Blue window, and Chrome 5SP XT-3 Org.JPG
Car-Toon Friends Series 3/4 Double Vision 1999 Proto Cartoon Double vision.JPG 5SPs Double Vision Blk.JPG
Car-Toon Friends Series 4/4 Lakester 1999 Proto Cartoon Lakester.JPG Clear windshield Lakester WhtLft.JPG


2000 Poster.JPG
Series Series # Vehicles Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
Future Fleet Series 1/4 Ford GT-90 2000 Proto Future GT90.JPG Solid Green windows, 3SP Wheels Ford GT-90 Blk.JPG
Future Fleet Series 2/4 Pontiac Rageous 2000 Proto Future Pontiac.JPG Solid Red windows, Black base Pontiac Rageous Blk.JPG
Future Fleet Series 3/4 Jeepster 2000 Proto Future Jeep.JPG Clear windows, Blue Base, 3SP Wheels Jeepster Blk.JPG
Future Fleet Series 4/4 Chrysler Thunderbolt 2000 Proto Future Chrysler.JPG Solid Yellow windows Chrysler Thunderbolt CD.JPG
Hot Rod Series 1/4 Phaeton 2000 Proto Hot Rod Phaeton.JPG Silver LW Phaeton Red.JPG
Hot Rod Series 2/4 Track T 2000 Proto Hot Rod Track T.JPG Silver LW TrackT YelSB.JPG
Hot Rod Series 3/4 Tail Dragger 2000 Proto Hot Rod Tail Dragger.JPG Silver LW, Orange Windows Tail Dragger Wht.JPG
Seein 3-D Series 1/4 Propper Chopper 2000 PROTO 3D Chopper.JPG Blue Tinted Windows Propperchopper.jpg
Seein 3-D Series 2/4 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona 2000 PROTO 3D Daytona.JPG 5DOT Wheels 1970 Daytona Blu5sp.JPG
Seein 3-D Series 3/4 Lexus SC400 2000 PROTO 3D lexus.JPG 5DOT Wheels Lexussc400.jpg
Seein 3-D Series 4/4 Olds 442 W-30 2000 PROTO 3D 442.JPG 5DOT Wheels Olds 442 W-30 MtGrn.JPG
Snack Time Series 1/4 Callaway C7 2000 Proto Snack C7.JPG 5DOT Wheels Callaway C7 MtGrn5SP.JPG
Snack Time Series 2/4 IROC Firebird 2000 Proto Snack IROC.JPG 5DOT Wheels IROC Firebird Org.JPG
Snack Time Series 3/4 Monte Carlo Concept 2000 Proto Snack Monte Carlo.JPG 5DOT Wheels Monte Carlo Concept Blu.JPG
Snack Time Series 4/4 Dodge Sidewinder 2000 Proto Snack Dodge.JPG 5DOT Wheels Dodge Sidwinder Yel.JPG
Mad Maniax Series 1/4 Hot Wheels 500 2000 Proto Mad 500.JPG 5SP Wheels No Fear Race Car Blu.JPG
Mad Maniax Series 2/4 Camaro Z-28 2000 Proto Mad Camaro.JPG 5SP Wheels Camaro Z28 Silv.JPG
Mad Maniax Series 4/4 Twin Mill II 2000 Proto Mad Twin.JPG 5SP Wheels Twin Mill II Org.JPG
Attack Pack Series 1/4 Nissan Truck 2000 Proto Attack Nissan.JPG Orange, Black Interior Nissan Hardbody Brn.JPG
Attack Pack Series 2/4 Power Plower 2000 Proto Attack Power.JPG Black interior, Blue tinted windows Bywayman Purpl.JPG
Attack Pack Series 3/4 1979 Ford Truck 2000 Proto Attack Ford.JPG Light Blue, Solid Grey window, Grey base, SB Wheels Fordf150.jpg
Attack Pack Series 4/4 Dodge Ram 1500 2000 Proto Attack Dodge.JPG SB Wheels Ford F-150 MtDkRd.JPG
Circus on Wheels Series 1/4 '56 Flashsider 2000 Proto Circus Flashy.JPG Flames on sides, Chrome base, 5SP Wheels 56 Flashsider MtRedL.JPG
Circus on Wheels Series 2/4 '32 Ford Delivery 2000 Proto Circus ford.JPG 5SP Wheels '32 Ford Delivery Circus.jpg
Circus on Wheels Series 3/4 Fat Fendered '40 2000 Proto Circus fatty.JPG Blue tinted windows, 5SP Wheels, sticker decals?, decals on Hood '40's Ford 2-Door Blu.JPG
Circus on Wheels Series 4/4 Dairy Delivery 2000 Proto Circus Dairy.JPG Clear windows, Chrome 5SP Wheels Dairy Delivery Circus 2000 - 2820gf.jpg
CD Customs Series 1/4 Chrysler Pronto 2000 Proto CD Pronto.JPG SB Wheels Chrysler Pronto Grn.JPG
CD Customs Series 2/4 Pikes Peak Tacoma 2000 Proto CD Pieaks.JPG SB Wheels Pikes Peak Tacoma Blk.JPG
CD Customs Series 3/4 Shadow Mk IIa 2000 Proto CD MK.JPG Extra decals on the rear, no decals on the Spoiler, Grey Base, SB Wheels Shadow Mk II Wht.JPG
CD Customs Series 4/4 Pontiac Banshee 2000 Proto CD Banshee.JPG SB Wheels Pontiac Banshee CDL.JPG
Kung Fu Force Series 1/4 Toyota MR-2 Rally 2000 Proto Kung Toyota.JPG Missing Gold / White details, Chrome Base Toyota Rally Blk3sp.JPG
Kung Fu Force Series 2/4 '99 Mustang 2000 Proto Kung Mustang.JPG Tan Interior 99 Mustang Red.JPG
Kung Fu Force Series 3/4 Shadow Jet 2000 Proto Kung Shadow Jet.JPG Replaced with Shadow Jet II. Even listed on the poster as "Shadow Jet II" Shadow Jet II Blu.JPG
Kung Fu Force Series 4/4 Mini Truck 2000 Proto Kung Truck.JPG 3SP Wheels Minitruck MtGrn.JPG
Speed Blaster Series 1/4 [[Firebird Funny Car 2000 Proto Speed Firebird.JPG Dark Tinted Windows FireBird Funny 1997 Org.JPG
Speed Blaster Series 2/4 At-A-Tude 2000 Proto Speed Atatude.JPG Grey Spoiler At-A-Tude Gry.JPG
Speed Blaster Series 4/4 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C 2000 Proto Speed Shelby.JPG Green, Cheetah decals, Chrome windows, Black Interior Shelbycobra.white.jpg
Tony Hawk Skate Series 1/4 Rigor Motor 2000 Proto Hawk Rigor.JPG 5DOT Wheels, Chrome Enginer, Black Exhausts / Base Rigor Motor Blu.JPG
Tony Hawk Skate Series 2/4 Sol-Aire CX-4 2000 Proto Hawk Sol.JPG 5DOT Wheels Sol-Aire Wht3SP.JPG
Tony Hawk Skate Series 3/4 Speed Blaster 2000 Proto Hawk Speed.JPG 5DOT Wheels Speed Blaster Org.JPG
Tony Hawk Skate Series 4/4 Combat Medic 2000 Proto Hawk Van.JPG 5DOT Wheels, Clear Windows Tony Hawk Combat Medic - 6062df.jpg
Secret Code Series 2/4 Baby Boomer 2000 Proto Code Baby.JPG Diffrent Spoiler / Handle, Decals on Blowers Baby Bommer Blu.JPG
Secret Code Series 3/4 Tee'd Off 2000 Proto Code Tee.JPG Front decals, Grey interiro Teed Off - 00 Secret Code.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 1/12 Double Vision 2000 Proto THUNT Double.JPG GoodYear RR, Sticker Decals Double Vision - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 2/12 Tow Jam 2000 Proto THUNT tow.JPG 3SP Tow Jam - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 3/12 1936 Cord 2000 Proto THUNT cord.JPG GoodYear RR, Flames on the Roof 36 Cord - 00TH BW.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 4/12 Sweet 16 II 2000 Proto THUNT sweet.JPG 5SP Wheels Sweet 16 II - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 5/12 Lakester 2000 Proto THUNT lakester.JPG Clear Windows Lakester - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 6/12 Go Kart 2000 Proto THUNT go kart.JPG Rear Silver RR Go Kart - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 7/12 Chaparral 2 2000 Proto THUNT chap.JPG Clear Windows, LW Wheels Chaparral 2 - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 8/12 '57 T-Bird 2000 Proto THUNT T bird.JPG Blue Tinted Windows, 3SP Wheels 57 T-Bird - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 9/12 Pikes Peak Celica 2000 Proto THUNT pikes peak.JPG LW Wheels Pikes Peak Celica - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 10/12 '67 Pontiac GTO 2000 Proto THUNT gto.JPG Goodyear RR, No "GTO" on Window 67 GTO - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 11/12 Ford GT-40 2000 Proto THUNT ford gt.JPG Yellow, Goodyear RR Wheels Ford GT-40 - 00TH.jpg
2000 Treasure Hunts Series 12/12 '70 Chevelle 2000 Proto THUNT 1970 chevelle.JPG Blue Tinted Windows, 5SP Wheels 70 Chevelle SS - 00TH.jpg
2000 First Editions 02/36 Ferrari 550 Maranello 2000 Proto First Ferrari.JPG Tan Interior. Note: Though the First Edition is Red, the Grey varation appeared in the mainline in its debut year. Ferrari 550 Maranello 10.JPG
2000 First Editions 03/36 '64 Lincoln Continental 2000 Proto First Lincoln.JPG Tan Interior, 7SP Wheels. Note: Though the First Edition is White, the Black varation appeared in the mainline in its debut year. 64 Lincoln Blk.JPG
2000 First Editions 04/36 Pro Stock Firebird 2000 Proto First Firebird drag.JPG Clear Windows. Possible Sticker decals Pro Stock Firebird Yel.JPG
2000 First Editions 10/36 Thomassima 3 2000 Proto First Tommy.JPG Resin Model, Black base Thomassima 3 FE 5SP.jpg
2000 First Editions 12/36 Dodge Charger R/T 2000 Proto First Charger.JPG Resin Model, detailed grille, no headlights Dodge Charger RT5sp.JPG
2000 First Editions 13/36 Surf Crate 2000 Proto First Surf crate.JPG Painted decals and Purple Grille, Tan Interior, Grey engine. Surf Crate Prp.JPG
2000 First Editions 14/36 '41 Willys 2000 Proto First Willy.JPG Diffrent decals, Grey plastic engine, Grey headlights and grille 41willyscoupe.jpg
2000 First Editions 15/36 Lotus Elise 340R 2000 Proto First Lotus.JPG Resin model, LW Wheels, no Lotus logo Lotus Elise 340R Slv.JPG
2000 First Editions 16/36 Isuzu VehiCross 2000 Proto First Isuzu.JPG Resin model, 5DOT wheel, Red rearlights, no headlights, non paintd Hood Isuzu VehiCross Slv.JPG
2000 First Editions 17/36 Anglia Panel Truck 2000 Proto First Angila.JPG Resin model, Black Windows, Sealed Hood Anglia Panel Truck Prp.JPG
2000 First Editions 19/36 '65 Corvette 2000 Proto First Corvette.JPG Resin model, Black Base, Grey Window, LW Wheels 65 Vette AGENTAIR 1.jpg
2000 First Editions 21/36 Holden 2000 Proto First Holden.JPG Resin model, Diffrent casting. Diffrent Front end, diffrent spoiler, has Door Mirrors. Holden SS Commodore VT.JPG
2000 First Editions 25/36 Dodge Power Wagon 2000 Proto First Powerwagon.JPG Resin model, 2 body peice Dodge Power Wagon.JPG
2000 First Editions 26/36 Shoe Box 2000 Proto First Shoe.JPG Diffrent hood casting, 3SP Wheels, Not decals except for Grey Rear bumper, Black windows, Grey Plastic base. ShoeBoxHiLBest.jpg
2000 First Editions 30/36 Mini Cooper 2000 Proto First Morris.JPG Resin model, Gold LW Mini - 00 FE.jpg


2001 poster.JPG
Series Series # Vehicles Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
2001 Treasure Hunts 03/12 So Fine 2001 Proto Thunt Fishy.JPG Clear windows, darker green?, Black RR Wheels So Fine - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 04/12 Rodger Dodger 2001 Proto Thunt Dodgey.JPG Tinted Windows, Black RR Wheels Rodger Dodger - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 05/12 Blast Lane 2001 Proto Thunt Blast.JPG Gold Headlights Blast Lane - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 06/12 Hammered Coupe 2001 Proto Thunt im Hammered.JPG Front RR & Rear 5SP Wheels Hammered Coupe - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 07/12 Vulture 2001 Proto Thunt birdy.JPG Front RR & Rear 5SP Wheels Vulture - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 08/12 '67 Dodge Charger 2001 Proto Thunt Charger.JPG Different decal in the back (Circled). Definitely not a Red Dodge Logo 67 Dodge Charger - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 09/12 Olds 442 W-30 2001 Proto Thunt 442.JPG Tinted window Olds 442 - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 10/12 Pontiac Rageous 2001 Proto Thunt Rageous.JPG Darker Brown, Black Base Pontiac Rageous - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 11/12 Deora 2001 Proto Thunt Deora.JPG RR Wheels Deora - 01TH.jpg
2001 Treasure Hunts 12/12 Cabbin' Fever 2001 Proto Thunt cabbin.JPG RR Wheels Cabbin Fever - 01TH.jpg
2001 First Editions 08/36 MS-T Suzuka 2001 Proto First MST.JPG Clear Windows, Painted Headlights Mstsuzuka.JPG
2001 First Editions 10/36 Shredster 2001 Proto First Shredder.JPG Orange Window Shredster yellow First Editions 2001 PR5 wheels.JPG
2001 First Editions 11/36 Dodge Viper GTS-R 2001 Proto First Viper.JPG Resin model, 1 piece body, Grey windows 06 Viper AGENTAIR 1.jpg
2001 First Editions 13/36 Lotus M250 2001 Proto First Lotus.JPG Resin model, Slighty diffrent casting, Black Windows, Unpainted Headlights, 5DOT Windows Lotus M250 grey 2001 First Edition.JPG
2001 First Editions 14/36 '71 Plymouth GTX 2001 Proto First GTX.JPG Resin model,1 piece body, Black windows 71 Plymouth GTX AGENTAIR 5.jpg
2001 First Editions 16/36 Evil Twin 2001 Proto First evil.JPG Black windows, White BW Wheels 028.jpg
2001 First Editions 18/36 Outsider 2001 Proto First Outsider.JPG Green Figures Outsider Org.JPG
2001 First Editions 21/36 Fright Bike 2001 Proto First Bike.JPG Flame Decal 033.jpg
2001 First Editions 24/36 Toyota Celica 2001 Proto First Celica.JPG Black windows, No Headlights 036.jpg
2001 First Editions 29/36 Old No. 3 2001 Proto First Old.JPG Really thin wheels, Black Base, no Decals, Missing Seat/ Rear? 049.jpg
2001 First Editions 30/36 Ferrari 156 2001 Proto First fer.JPG Really thin wheels, no Decals, Grey Window Ferrari 156 Red.JPG
2001 First Editions 31/36 Ferrari 156 2001 Proto First c4r.JPG Grey Healights Cunningham 2001 FE 051.jpg
2001 First Editions 34/36 Ford Thunderbolt 2001 Proto First Thundr.JPG Resin Model, No Decals, Grey Windows 046.jpg
2001 First Editions 35/36 Morris Wagon 2001 Proto First morris.JPG Resin Model, Grey Windows Morris Wagon Blk.JPG


2005 Poster.JPG
Series Series # Vehicles Prototype Difference Actual (or Closest variation)
2005 First Editions 03/20 Ferrari 575 GTC Proto Ferrari 575 GTC.JPG Lack of Orange detail 2005-003a.jpg
2005 First Editions 05/20 '69 Firebird T/A Proto 1969 Pontiac Firebird TA.JPG Blue stripes (not Blue and Red stripes) on hood and sides. No "FIREBIRD" on Hood, Black Windows, and painted grille 05.jpg
2005 First Editions 06/20 2005 Ford Mustang GT Proto 2005 Ford Mustang GT.JPG Painted Silver headlights 05FEBlackINT.jpg
2005 First Editions 10/20 Acura HSC Concept Proto Acura HSC Concept.JPG PR5 Wheels 2005-010a.jpg
2005 First Editions 01/10 Low C-GT Proto Drop Tops Low Ct.JPG LW Wheels Low C-GT 05FE.JPG
2005 First Editions 02/10 Lomad Proto Drop Tops 57 nomad.JPG Black Painted windows Lomad - 05FE.jpg
2005 First Editions 03/10 Curb Side Proto Drop Tops curb side.JPG Black Painted windows, Grey plastic base Curbside - 05FE PR5.jpg
2005 First Editions 10/10 Dodge Super 8 HEMI Proto Drop Tops dodge super hemi.JPG 5SP Wheels Dodgesuper8hemi.jpg
2005 First Editions 01/10 Chrysler 300C Proto Blings 300c.JPG Black 2005-031a.jpg
2005 First Editions 04/10 Mercedes-Benz G500 Proto Blings g500.JPG Black Base 2005-034a.jpg
2005 First Editions 05/10 Quadra-Sound Proto Blings qudra sounda.JPG Painted headlights and grille, Grey base Quadra-Sound 05FE.jpg
2005 First Editions 06/10 Rocket Box Proto Blings rocket.JPG Grey base, No "YOKO Motorsports", No blackstipes on top and #15 2005-036f.jpg
2005 First Editions 03/10 Bullet Nose Proto Torpedo Bullet Nose.JPG Orange, Painted windows Bullet Nose.jpg
2005 First Editions 06/10 Subaru Impreza WRX Proto Torpedo Subaru WRX.JPG No Sponsors 2005-046a.jpg
2005 First Editions 08/10 Overbored 454T Proto Torpedo Overboard.JPG 5SP wheels, Painted Blue windows OverBored 454T 2005.jpg
2005 First Editions 10/10 Willys Coupe Proto Torpedo Willys.JPG Painted Grey windows, no decal except painted headlights and grille. Front wheels are small 5SP 41willys.2005.jpg
2005 Track Aces 09/10 Sling Shot Proto Sling shot 2005.JPG Blue Tinted windows, no orange on decals 2005 sling shot pr5.jpg
2005 Asphalt Jungle 5/5 Anglia Panel Proto Ford angila 2005.JPG Sealed hood version? 2005-085a.jpg
2005 Racing Series 1/5 Mustang Cobra Proto Racing Mustang.JPG No Orange on decals, missing sponsors, #29 is on the side window Mustang Cobra - 05 HW Racing Series.JPG
2005 Racing Series 2/5 Shadow Mk IIa Proto Racing Shadow.JPG Black base Shadow MkIIa - 05 HW Racing Series.JPG
2005 Racing Series 3/5 Pikes Peak Celica Proto Racing Pikeas.JPG No HW Logo on Hood or "IMAI" sponsor on side. Orange line on side starts at the front. Other minor differences with sponsors or decals Pikes Peak Celica - 05 HW Racing Series.JPG
2005 Racing Series 4/5 Ford Escort Proto Racing escort.JPG Decals on hood and sides are different. Most noticeable on the front sides Escort Rally - 05 HW Racing Series.JPG
2005 Racing Series 5/5 F-Racer Proto Racing f the racer.JPG No Orange on decals, Black base, Blue driver F-Racer - 05 HW Racing Series.JPG
2005 Pin Hedz 2/5 '40s Woodie Proto Pin woodie.JPG PR5 Wheels 2005-092a.jpg
2005 Pin Hedz 3/5 '64 Impala Proto Pin 64 impala.JPG Black windows, Chrome base 2005-093a.jpg
2005 Red Line 4/5 Pontiac Bonneville Proto Redline boonie.JPG Normal 5SP wheels? 2005-099a.jpg
2005 Muscle Mania 2/5 '63 T-Bird Proto Muscle t bird.JPG Black base 2005-102a.jpg
2005 Muscle Mania 3/5 Buick Riviera Proto Muscle riveria.JPG Red, with Chrome base 2005-103b.jpg
2005 Muscle Mania 4/5 '69 Charger Proto Muscle charger.JPG Black grille '69 Dodge Charger - 2005 Muscle Mania -4of5 - 5SP Wheels 1a.JPG
2005 Muscle Mania 5/5 '65 Impala Proto Muscle impala.JPG Blue interior 2005-105c.jpg
2005 White Heat 2/5 MS-T Suzuka Proto White MST.JPG PR5 Wheels 2005-107a.jpg
2005 White Heat 4/5 Phantom Racer Proto White Pahntom.JPG Black base 2005-109a.jpg
2005 Crazed Clowns 1/5 '49 Merc Proto clowns merc.JPG Blue '49 Merc (Hardnoze).JPG
2005 Crazed Clowns 2/5 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Proto clowns shelby.JPG Normal 5SP instead of Red 5SP 2005-112a.jpg
2005 Crazed Clowns 5/5 Dairy Delivery Proto clowns dairy.JPG PR5 wheels 2005-115a.jpg
2005 Treasure Hunt 03/12 1958 Corvette Proto Thunt Corvette.JPG Redline RR Wheels 58corvetteth.jpg
2005 Treasure Hunt 07/12 Mustang Mach 1 Proto Thunt Mustang.JPG Goodyear RR Wheels, Black base, no White details Mustang Mach I - 05TH.jpg
2005 Treasure Hunt 07/12 '67 Pontiac GTO Proto Thunt GTO.JPG Redline RR Wheels 67 GTO - 05TH.jpg
2005 Treasure Hunt 09/12 Rodger Dodger Proto Thunt Rodger.JPG Goodyear RR Wheels Rodger Dodger - 05TH.jpg
2005 Treasure Hunt 11/12 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Proto Thunt Barracuda.JPG Painted grille, clear windows 70 Cuda - 05TH.jpg
2005 Treasure Hunt 12/12 Double Demon Proto Thunt Demn.JPG Goodyear RR Wheels Demon - 05TH.jpg
AcceleRacers 9/9 Bassline Proto Basline.JPG White Spoiler Bassline - 05 Teku.jpg