Quick D-Livery
Debut Series Pop Culture Series - General Mills (Pillsbury)
Produced 2013 - Present
HW-General Mills-Quick D Livery-Pillsbury


The Quick D-Livery has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2013 Pop Culture - General Mills (Pillsbury) Silver & Metalflake Blue Pillsbury deco on sides & rear Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Blue) White White Line RR5SP X8312 Thailand Base code(s): F10 HW-General Mills-Quick D Livery-Pillsbury
2013 Pop Culture - Hanna-Barbera (Scooby-Doo!) Sky Blue Scooby-Doo! deco on sides & rear Unpainted / Metal Clear Orange Orange RR5SP X8330 Thailand Base code(s): F41 HW-Hanna Barbera-Quick D Livery-Scooby Doo
2014 Pop Culture - Peanuts (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown) Black & Orange It's the Great Pumpkin deco on sides & rear Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Orange) Black Pumpkin face Orange DISH BDT07 Thailand Base code(s): 2014 Hot Wheels Pop Culture Peanuts Quick D-Livery carded
2015 Pop Culture - M&M Mars (Skittles) Metalflake Dark Red Skittles deco on sides & rear Unpainted / Metal Clear White Red Line DISH BDR84 Thailand Base code(s): G46 HW-Mars M&M-Quick D Livery-Skittles
2015 Pop Culture Series - Star Wars (R2-D2) Light Blue & White Detailed taillights, R2-D2 deco on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear White Khaki DISH CFP77 Thailand Base code(s): HW-2015-Pop Culture-Mix F-Star Wars-Quick D Livery-R2 D2
2016 Pop Culture - Star Trek 50th Anniversary Metalflake Silver w/ Purple Top & Rear Captain Kirk on sides. "ST" on rear. Unpainted / Metal Clear Gray w/ Chrome Engine RR DJG83 Thailand Base code(s): H48 0415160016-2
2016 Pop Culture - DC Comics: Batman & Superman Light Blue Batman & bats shadow on Dark Orange plane on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome White Line Black RR10SP DJG95 Thailand Base code(s): Quick D Livery-HW-2016 Pop Culture-DC Comics
2017 Pop Culture - Women of Marvel Black Spider-Woman Red Line RR5SP Base code(s): Quick D-Livery Woman of Marvel