Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Mark Jones
Number G8108
RD-02 Mark Jones.jpg


The RD-02 was a drones car in the movie AcceleRacers. RD-02 is powered by a 840 hp T-912 Hydrogen fueled turbine engine on a 8-speed transmission. An Aluminum chassis holds RD-02 together on fully adjustable computerized suspension with a carbon fiber monocoque. The RD-02 has 16" carbon ceramic 18 piston brakes with drilled and slotted rotors. The car has 18" carbon fiber front wheels and 20" rear wheels


The RD-02 has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color / Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 AcceleRacers Racing Drones 2/9 Black / "Racing Drones" Tampos Grey Green metal CM6 Green Tire G8108 Malaysia Rd02-black-cm6.jpg
2006 AcceleRacers Stripped Metal Chrome / Drone Tampos Black Green metal CM6 Green Tire J7252 Malaysia Rd02-chrome-cm6.jpg
2007 Flip N Go Crash Arena Track Set Yellow / Silver & Black Tampos ZAMAC Orange Metal or Plastic Chrome OH5 K8833 Malaysia Base Variation Rd02-yellow-oh5.jpg
102 2008 Track Stars
Green / Silver & Black Tampos ZAMAC Green Metal or Plastic Chrome Green Rim OH5 M7004 Malaysia Base Variation 08 RD02.jpg
N/A 2008 Happy Birthday Blue / White & Blue Tampos ZAMAC Clear Plastic Chrome Chrome Rim OH5 Malaysia Wal-Mart Exclusive Rd02-blue-oh5a.jpg
5pk 2010 Attack Pack Brown / Silver Steel Graphics. Black and Oranges Splatter Paint. ZAMAC Yellow Tint Chrome Gold OH5 R2770 Thailand RD-02 - 10 Attack Pack 5-Pack.JPG
5pk 2013 Street Beasts X9853 Thailand Image Not Available.jpg
5pk 2014 Max Steel Aqua Invasion Malaysia Image Not Available.jpg
2015 HW Off-Road Ice Mountain
Silver with "Unit 1" and "Snow Patrol" tampos, blue and white lines Purple Light blue Black Light blue OH5 CFK56 Malaysia Base Codes: G30 HW-2015-107-RD 02-IceMountain.jpg
2015 HW Off-Road Ice Mountain
Blue. Red, White & Blue 'Snow Patrol'. ZAMAC Light blue Grey White w Chrome Blue Rim OH5 CFL74 Malaysia Base Codes: H19 Cfl74.jpg
276 / 365 2017 HW Glow Wheels
Red & Gold Red Green Black Chrome Green Rim TRAP5 DTY33 Malaysia Base code(s): K16 DTY33 c 17 003.png


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