Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - 2014
Designer Jun Imai
Number G8111
RD-05 Jun Imai


The RD-05 is an SUV like vehicle that replaces the RD-08 in AcceleRacers. For starters, this car is driven by RD-L1 and is powered by a 700 HP, CZ F35 hydrogen-fueled turbine engine. The vehicle has not just fully adjustable computerized suspension, technological adjustable suspension for terrain as well. The car has 24" wheels, front and rear. In conclusion, RD-05 has full-time AWD.


The RD-05 has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color / Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 2005 AcceleRacers Racing Drones 5/9 Black / Green & Sliver Drones Tampos Unpainted / Metal Green Chrome CM6 Green Tire G8111 Malaysia RD-05
N/A 2006 AcceleRacers Realm Series Black / Green Swamp Tampos Unpainted / Metal Green Chrome CM6 Green Tire K3285 Malaysia RD-05
2/12 2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Dark Red / No Tampos Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome OH5 M3082 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive HWRD-05Red
2/12 2007 Holiday Hot Rods 3 Pack Satin Gold / No Tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome OH5 M7626 Thailand Target Exclusive M7626
5pk 2008 Max Steel Grey / Green, Yellow, Black & Grey tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Yellow Chrome PR5 N2092 Malaysia 2008-5P-Max Steel-RD-05
5pk 2009 Track Aces Gold Chrome with red, black, and white tampos, 'Track Guide Rescue', and star on sides Black / Metal Clear Blue Gray OH5 N4079 Thailand Base code(s): RD-05 - 09 TA 5-pk
N/A 2009 Truckin' Transporters Satin Black. Light Green and Silver Graphics Unpainted / Metal Light Green Tint Chrome OR6SP Green Rim R1071 Thailand Base code(s): RD-05 TT
5pk 2010 Trick Tracks Silver / Black track tampo Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Black Black OR6SP w/ Red Chrome rims R0963 Thailand Base code(s): RD-05 R0963
216 2011 Thrill Racers Jungle
Yellow / White "TRACKER", Racing deco "3", Orange, Brown, Black & White Graphics Unpainted / Metal Orange tint Brown Brown OR6SP w/ Chrome rims T9923 Malayxia Base code(s): D24 RD-051 (800x600)
2012 Light Speeders Orange / Black & White stripes on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome PR5 W3854 Thailand Base code(s): W3854
5pk 2012 Jungle Rally 5 Blue / Green, Yellow, Brown & Black tampos, 'Jungle 05' on sides Black Satin / Metal Clear Grey Brown OR6SP w/ Yellow rims W4250 Thailand Base code(s): RD 05 Jungle Rally 5
57 2013 HW Imagination Future Fleet
Purple / White stripes, Yellow & Green on the sides Yellow / Metal Green Tint Gray Gray OH5 w/ Green rims X1707 Malaysia Base code(s): F27 RD-05-2013 057
5pk 2014 Max Steel Land Invasion Image Not Available


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